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Event Guidelines


Who can participate? 

  • Anyone, individuals or groups, from academic to corporate to non-profit, from students to established professionals, can plan and implement a One Health Day event. 

Why should you participate?

  • To enhance human, animal and environmental health and well-being by advancing awareness and understanding of the One Health concept
  • To build networks that provide opportunities for collaboration among many health-related disciplines
  • To share your perspectives and knowledge with  like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • To expand your own trans-disciplinary network and understanding of the diversity of One Health  sciences and perspectives
  • To gain valuable experience in developing, organizing, coordinating and funding a compelling and appealing One Health awareness and educational program. (As a student, this will  augment your vitae / resume)
  • If a student, and if you like, to compete for cash prizes and global recognition of your event by renowned international One Health experts.

What can you do? 

  • First save 3 November, 2018 for One Health Day. Then identify and bring together like-minded colleagues and others in your region to organize and support local, creative and innovative awareness and educational events on or around One Health Day. You can focus on any topic that falls under the One Health umbrella but your event should address the inter-connectivity of human, animal and environmental health.

What kind of support can you expect?

  • Free use of the One Health Day logo   (You might help translate it into ‘your’ regional language. Let your Regional Spokesperson know if you need a language that we do not yet have a translation for).
  • Free promotional support through the OneHealthDay.Org web pages and electronic newsletters regularly circulated by the three sponsoring organizations and their partners to One Health advocates around the world.
  • Event ideas and program support such as assistance in selecting speakers can be obtained via your Regional spokesperson and/or the One Health Day Coordinating Team.
  • Financial support will not be provided.
  • One Health is needed all year round.  Only competing student events must fall 30 days  before or 30 days after November 3.  All other non-competing events can happen any time of the year to celebrate One Health and organizers are requested to register/submit their events to get them on the One Health Day Map.

How to Participate

  • Identify and coalesce your Event Team and Ideas
  • Register your event on the One Health Day website
  • For more information about One Health Day Events or assistance with filling out the Registration form, please contact your Regional spokesperson.
  • Advertise your event widely through local media in your region, by posting articles, blogposts, pictures, and/or video recordings online on the One Health Day Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag  #OneHealthDay and on the One Health Day webpage. Please contact Social Media Manager David De Pooter (d.depooter@onehealthplatform.com) if you need assistance. 

Student Competition

  • While anyone can participate, One Health Day especially encourages students (secondary, undergraduate, graduate, professional) to set up One Health events that facilitate student delegates working together from different academic disciplines / backgrounds.
  • For fun and added incentive, student teams organizing an event for One Health Day may enter their event to compete for cash. Four award winning events, one from each of four global regions, will be selected by a jury of renowned international One Health experts.


Student One Health Day Teams are eligible to apply for one of four $2,000 One Health Day Awards if they:

  • Have at least one ecology / environmental, one human medical, one veterinary medical, and one additional non-medical related student (examples: Anthropology, Chemistry, Communications, Engineering, Social Sciences, Wildlife, Zoology, etc.) N=4 or more students.
  • Team members can cross institutional and geographic (e.g., country) boundaries
  • Submit proof of ‘students in good standing’ letters for each team member on their University’s letterhead from a faculty member or Department Head. (Note: It is possible that more than one University will be represented on a single team.) (Due AFTER event)
  • Register your Event to compete (Due at least 2 WEEKS BEFORE event)
  • Submit an evaluation Summary Report (in English) to David De Pooter by 1 December, 2018 (d.depooter@onehealthplatform.com). Word or PDF file format acceptable. Please use filename: "OHD-evaluation-last name of main contact person").

Only those teams who wish to compete for the awards must prospectively meet these Event Criteria. All other One Health Day teams (not wishing to compete) are requested to register their event on the One Health Day webpage to get on the map and for help promoting their events. 

Assessment Criteria/Scoring

  • Student applications for the One Health Day Awards competition will be screened for eligibility by the Regional Spokesperson according to the conditions outlined in the event guidelines and scored using these Assessment Criteria.
  • Only events meeting all requirements will be forwarded to the judges for evaluation.
  • All competing events will be and scored using these Assessment Criteria.

Dates of Interest

  • 1 September-30 November 2018: Window for occurrence of events to be entered in the Student Events Competition
  • 1 December 2018: Event summaries for competition due to Regional Spokesperson and David De Pooter for screening forwarding to the judges. Be sure we know how to contact you if your team wins
  • February - March 2019: Announcement of student competition winners for One Health Day 2018.

What if we cannot hold our event ‘on’ November 3?

  • No problem.  One Health is highly relevant and needed all year round. Hold your One Health Day event whenever you can, as close to the recognized One Health Day date as possible.  Please note: if you want your student-led event to compete for the award, it must occur in the One Health Day Student Competition Events window between 1 September and 30 November. If you are not competing, your event can happen any time of the year but please do register it to get it on the map.
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