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Event Submission Form


Requirements to register a One Health Day Event


Having an event you want to register as a One Health Day event?  Terrific!! Be sure that it meets these requirements to get it on the map.

  1. It must be obvious to the One Health Day Planning Team and to the public just how an event teaches about and promotes the concept of One Health and its relevance to One Health-related challenges and issues. The words One Health must be found somewhere in your submitted event description, on the event webpage and during the event for it to qualify as a One Health Day event. 
  2. Post the One Health Day logo on your event webpage (if you have one). This will help promote the concept. 
  3. Event Descriptions must be limited to 150 words. Be concise about how your event promotes One Health and/or educates about a One Health issue.


Thank you for helping us raise global awareness of One Health. Please take a moment to tell us about your One Health Day Event by clicking here or filling out the form linked below.


Information about your event will be highlighted on the One Health Day Events page and shared with people around the world. For more information about One Health Day Events or assistance with filling-out this form please contact your Regional Spokesperson.



Note:  If the One Health Day Planning Team is unable to tell by your event registration submission or event webpage just how your event promotes or educates about One Health or One Health issues, or if your event description exceeds 150 words, we will be unable to post it as a One Health Day event. Events are coming in rapidly. It may take 7-10 days for your submission to appear on the annual One Health Day Events page and map.

Get on the map!!!

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