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About the OH-SS

The One Health Commission believes that the Social sciences are essential to understanding and addressing the root causes of disease and determinants of community health. Without an understanding of how sociological, cultural, economic, demographic, historical, linguistic, geographic, political, and other social dimensions contribute to health, society will be limited in achieving it for all. Social science disciplines are critical to making One Health the default way of doing business at all levels of research, academia, policy, and government.

Therefore, a One Health Social Sciences (OH-SS) Initiative has been launched that will provide a platform for innovation and integration of all social science disciplines to strengthen the One Health movement. This team invites social science researchers and practitioners to share their expertise in utilization of the One Health approach to facilitate achievement of the United Nations Strategic Development Goals of ecosystem sustainability, global food security, and equitable health care.



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 OH-SS Launch Press Release

OH-SS Launch Questionnaire Results

1-8-18 OH-SS Launch Meeting Notes


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1-8-18 11 a.m. EST OH-SS Launch Meeting Recording

1-8-18 11 p.m. EST OH-SS Launch Meeting Recording

2-12-18 OH-SS Meeting Notes, Slides, Recording Link




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