AHEAD - One Health Commission


Animal & Human Health for the Environment And

Development (AHEAD)


Facilitating Collaboration to Address Challenges at One Health Interfaces




AHEAD is a convening, facilitative mechanism, working to allow different and

often competing sectors to come to the same table and find collaborative ways

forward to address challenges at the interface of wildlife health, livestock

health, and human health and livelihoods. AHEAD convenes stakeholders, helps

delineate conceptual frameworks to underpin planning, management and

research, and provides technical support and resources for projects stakeholders

identify as priorities. AHEAD primarily focuses its efforts on competition over

grazing and water resources, disease mitigation, zoonoses, local and global food

security, and other potential sources of conflict related to land-use decisionmaking

in the face of resource limitations.




AHEAD focuses on several themes of critical importance to the future of animal

agriculture, human health, and wildlife health to holistically address the

landscape-level nexus represented by the triangle of wildlife health, domestic

animal health, and human health and livelihoods as underpinned by

environmental stewardship.


Scope Regional – Southern and East Africa


Primary Funders


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), USAID, The Rockefeller



Participants & Key Collaborators


There are more than 60 international collaborators including regional

governmental organizations and ministries, transfrontier conservation areas

(TFCAs), national parks, university collaborators, the African Union-

Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR), the Southern African

Development Community (SADC), UN Food and Agriculture Organization

(FAO), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), etc


Definition of One Health


See the 2004 Manhattan Principles on “One World, One Health” in appendices.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


AHEAD initiatives develop annual targets for progress on their individual

projects. Progress is documented with written reports which are available on

the AHEAD website. There is an ongoing effort to develop indicators that

more closely track the policy dimensions that characterize much of AHEAD’s



Sources of Information


AHEAD Website: http://www.wcs-ahead.org/

Contact Steve Osofsky, DVM

WCS AHEAD Coordinator and Director, Wildlife Health Policy


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