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Calvin Schwabe One Health Project

Calvin Schwabe One Health Project


Integrating One Health into Veterinary Education at the University of California,





This program is intended to promote and integrate the One Health concept into

veterinary training. The main priority of the program is to support students’

pursuit of One Health externships while in school. Plans for the program

include the creation of One Health internships, fellowships, and post-graduate

positions in the discipline, with the aim of transitioning practitioners into One

Health careers. The program plans to prepare the next generation of

veterinarians to meet global challenges by supporting One Health learning

experiences, supporting career-diversity goals within veterinary education,

helping veterinary students secure careers in One Health, advocating for and

supporting veterinarians in rural health and veterinary public health, and

establishing partnerships with physicians, nurses, public health practitioners,

environmental and ecosystem scientists, global educators, and public policy

experts in order to strengthen the One Health goal of transdisciplinary





Strengthen the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's commitment to the

One World - One Health movement by educating veterinarians of the future to

integrate human, animal, and ecosystem protection into their professional lives.


Scope Local – California, United States


Primary Funders


Private donations, FAZD (Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease) Center at

Texas A&M.


Participants & Key Collaborators


UC Davis programs in nursing, medicine, public health, preventative veterinary

medicine, and wildlife, fish, and conservation biology; California Department

of Public Health; California Veterinary Medical Association; and American

Veterinary Medical Association.


Definition of One Health


See the 2004 Manhattan Principles on “One World, One Health” in appendices.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy




Sources of Information



Contact Dr. Cheryl Scott

One Health Project Director

Tel. 530.754.0324


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