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Cnct Health Orgs Rgl Disease Surveillance (CHORDS)

Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease

Surveillance (CHORDS)


Enhancing Global Disease Surveillance Capacity by Building Networks of





Established in 2010, CHORDS is a non-governmental platform where regional

infectious disease surveillance networks around the world interact with each

other and with other global partners to strengthen international health security.

The CHORDS process brings together professionals from disease hotspots to

build a dialogue and cross-border cooperation to complement existing ways of

countering infectious disease, strengthening global cooperation and

communication for effective disease surveillance. In addition, CHORDS

facilitates sharing of information and standards and serves as a forum for

communication between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Member

States. Four strategic objectives include: improving capacity, advancing one

health, promoting innovation, and building sustainable networks.




Strengthen the standard of infectious disease surveillance globally by connecting

and enhancing existing and nascent regional disease surveillance networks.

Establish new networks, particularly in conflict or low-resource settings.


Scope Global


Primary Funders


The Rockefeller Foundation,The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), The Skoll

Global Threats Fund, and The Peter G. Peterson Foundation.


Participants & Key Collaborators


NTI, Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network (MBDS), Middle East

Consortium on Infectious Disease Surveillance (MECIDS), South-eastern

European Health Network (SEEHN), Asian Partnership on Emerging Infectious

Disease Research (APEIR), Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease

Surveillance (SACIDS), East African Integrated Disease Surveillance Network

(EAIDSNet). Select intergovernmental organizations participate as observers.


Definition of One Health


None. The CHORDS vision is based on the premise that infectious diseases do

not respect borders, such that cross-border collaboration is essential for

effective response.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


NTI has conducted an initial survey of the value creation of CHORDS (the value

of learning enabled by a community of practice and networking). The action

plan for programmatic and organizational activities through 2013 includes

evaluating the immediate value of community activities, potential value of

knowledge capital, applied value in changes in practice and realized value of

performance improvement. The results of this baseline survey will be used to

gauge the impact of CHORDS as the organization matures.


Sources of Information



CHORDS Brochure:

Interviews with Louise Gresham, Deborah Rosenblum (NTI)

Contact Dr. Louise Gresham, Senior Director, NTI,

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