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Prioritizing Research to Control Animal Diseases More Effectively




The DISCONTOOLS project is a joint initiative of industry and a wide range of

stakeholders including the research community, regulators, and users.

DISCONTOOLS, an ongoing EU funded project, has three objectives. First, to

develop a disease prioritization methodology enabling the prioritization of

research in order to stimulate the delivery of new or improved diagnostics,

vaccines or pharmaceuticals. This will help to improve our ability to effectively

control animal diseases, a key input into meeting the challenges of future food

supplies. Once this methodology is agreed with stakeholders, the objective is to

establish a reference database ensuring a clear focus on priority research areas

leading to more rapid breakthroughs in technology development. Second, to

develop a gap analysis for each of the prioritized diseases to identify where

research is needed. Third, the DISCONTOOLS project will explore how new

technologies can be deployed more efficiently in the animal health research area.




DISCONTOOLS will provide a mechanism for focusing and prioritizing

research that ultimately delivers new and improved vaccines, pharmaceuticals

and diagnostic tests to control animal diseases.


Scope Global


Primary Funders


European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


Participants & Key Collaborators


DISCONTOOLS includes representation from universities, research institutes,

chief veterinary officers, farmers, veterinarians, the diagnostics industry, the

veterinary pharmaceutical industry, Heads of Medicines Agencies, European

Medicines Agency and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

amongst others. The purpose of the stakeholder approach is to be inclusive and

so build a strong consensus on the gap analysis.


Definition of One Health




Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


The DISCONTOOLS project involves the analysis of 52 diseases including the gathering of information, gap analysis and prioritisation scoring. As the project progresses, the diseases should appear on the public website.

A publication on prioritisation is foreseen as are two publications on the deployment of new technology.

The results of the analysis of the 52 diseases will also be the subject of a number of publications.


Sources of Information


Website: http://www.discontools.eu



Contact Declan O'Brien

Project Coordinator


Neil Craven

Project Manager


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