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International Association for Ecology & Health




The International Association for Ecology & Health (abbreviated as EcoHealth)

is a professional organization that promotes research, education and practice

(including policy development) on the linkage between human health,

conservation medicine and ecosystem sustainability. The specific objectives of

EcoHealth are to: serve a diverse international community including scientists,

educators, policy makers, practitioners and the general public; provide

mechanisms and forums to facilitate international and interdisciplinary discourse

(e.g., through publication of the journal EcoHealth and by holding biennial

conferences); encourage development of transdisciplinary teaching, research

and problem-solving that cut across many fields of scholarship and draws upon

multiple types of knowledge.




The mission of EcoHealth is to strive for sustainable health of people, wildlife

and ecosystems by promoting discovery, understanding and transdisciplinarity.


Scope International


Primary Funders


The association is fiscally managed by EcoHealth Alliance (formerly known as

Wildlife Trust) but association finances are restricted to association activities

(e.g., member subscriptions, biennial meeting, sale of association publications,

and donations).


Participants & Key Collaborators


Membership in EcoHealth is open to individuals or organizations who promote

the objectives of the association and pay membership fees. Current partner

organizations include: EcoHealth Alliance, International Development Research

Center (IDRC), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH).


Definition of One Health


No specific definition of One Health is stated on the EcoHealth website;

however, the overall purpose of the organization itself encompasses the

principles of One Health.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


No information regarding monitoring and evaluation strategies is available



Sources of Information


EcoHealth Website:

Contact EcoHealth Administration

EcoHealth USA

Peter Daszak, PhD

President & Disease Ecologist

EcoHealth Alliance



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