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EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance


Formerly known as Wildlife Trust




EcoHealth Alliance works at the intersection of ecosystem, animal and human

health through local conservation programs and develops global health solutions

to emerging diseases. It is an international organization of scientists dedicated to

the conservation of biodiversity. EcoHealth Alliance focuses efforts on

innovative research, education and training, and accessibility to international

conservation partners. EcoHealth Alliance specializes in saving biodiversity in

human-dominated bioscapes where ecological health is most at risk because of

habitat loss, species imbalance, pollution and other environmental issues caused

by human-induced change. Work includes research into the discovery and

causes of disease emergence such as SARS, AIDS, Lyme disease, West Nile

virus, Avian Influenza and the deadly Nipah virus.




EcoHealth Alliance researches ways for people and wildlife to share bioscapes

for their mutual survival with an overall mission to empower local conservation

scientists worldwide to protect nature and safeguard ecosystem and human



Scope International – United States and more than 20 countries in Central and South

America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.


Primary Funders


Private and corporate donations and publication subscriptions. Corporate

partners include: Checks in the Mail, Harland Clarke, Nature's Path Foods,

GlobalSave, Good Cause Greetings, Second Nature, and Thanksgiving Coffee.


Participants & Key Collaborators


Key partners include the Consortium for Conservation Medicine, the global

EcoHealth Alliance Alliance, and conservationists in over a dozen countries.


Definition of One Health


The "One Health" perspective incorporates human, domestic animal, wildlife,

and ecosystem health and has the potential to lead to effective solutions and save

many lives.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


No information regarding a formal monitoring and evaluation strategy is

available on the EcoHealth website.


Sources of Information


EcoHealth Website:

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Peter Daszak

President & Disease Ecologist


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