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Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT)

Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT)


Pathogen Detection, Risk Determination, One Health Institutionalization,

Response Capacity, & Risk Reduction




The Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) program was launched by the U.S. Agency for

International Development (USAID) and consists of four projects known as PREDICT,

RESPOND, IDENTIFY, and PREVENT. The EPT program emphasizes early

identification of and response to dangerous pathogens in animals before they can

become significant threats to human health and seeks to aggressively preempt or combat

diseases that could spark future pandemics. The EPT program will help develop better

predictive models for early identification of viral and other biological threats in

resource-poor “hot spot” regions (where threats are most likely to emerge) and will

enhance regional, national, and local capacities for surveillance, laboratory diagnosis,

and field epidemiology in both the animal and human health sectors.




To ensure a coordinated, comprehensive international effort to preempt the emergence

of future pandemic diseases.


Scope International – the EPT program focuses on “hot spots” (where new disease threats have emerged in the past) in the Congo Basin of East and Central Africa, the Mekong region

and other areas of Southeast Asia, the Amazon region of South America, and the

Gangetic Plain of South Asia.


Primary Funders




Participants & Key Collaborators


Partners vary by EPT project and include US and international public and private

organizations, institutes, and universities. The EPT program also receives technical

support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S.

Department of Agriculture.


Definition of One Health


The EPT program was launched due to the recognition of the need for the development

of comprehensive disease detection and response capacities. The program brochure

identifies the "One Health" approach as the integration of a multisector approach to

public health objectives.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


Monitoring and evaluation is not mentioned in the EPT program overview and likely

varies by individual project.


Sources of Information


EPT Program Overview and Brochure:



Contact USAID


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