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Environmental Genomics, Inc. (EGI)

Environmental Genomics, Inc. (EGI)


One Health Research and Training for Food Security and Ecosystem





Environmental Genomics, Inc. (EGI) is a biotechnology start-up focused on

finding the genetic keys to breeding healthy, environmentally-friendly, and

economically desirable shrimp to address food security through aquaculture and

provide benefits to local producers. The EGI research program focuses on One

Health genomics, environmental and comparative genomics,

biodiversity conservation, cryopreservation of germplasm, shrimp epigenetics,

shrimp allergens, zoonotic diseases and public health. EGI is also committed to

promoting and training a new generation of One Health professionals.




EGI’s mission is to apply cutting-edge genomic technologies to obtain basic

information on genomics and environmental interactions of aquatic, wildlife

and domestic species that will support the long-term conservation of natural

populations and further the development of cost-effective and environmentallysensitive

methods of agriculture. EGI mentors and trains students (advanced

high school, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral) on state-of-the-art

molecular biology and biotechnologies and provides opportunities for students

to obtain basic knowledge as well as hands-on laboratory and field experience

through participation in local and international research projects.


Scope Regional – South America


Primary Funders




Participants & Key Collaborators


Boston College, Massachusetts; Foundacion para la Conservacion de la

Biodiversidad Acuatica y Terrestre (FUCOBI), Guayaquil, Equador;

Universidad Estatal Peninsula de Santa Elena (UPSE), Equador; International

Marine Shrimp Environmental Genomics Initiative (IMSEGI).


Definition of One Health


An international effort to conserve healthy ecosystems, to maintain healthy

animals, and to protect human health.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy




Sources of Information


Website: http://onehealthgenomics.com/

Contact Dr. Acacia Alcivar-Warren

President and Senior Scientist, EGI



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