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Global Early Warning System Animal Disease (GLEWS)

Global Early Warning System for Animal Diseases,

Including Zoonoses (GLEWS)


Coordinating & Combining Alert Mechanisms for Priority Zoonotic Disease





The Global Early Warning and Response System (GLEWS) is a joint system

that builds on the added value of combining and coordinating the alert and

response mechanisms of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World

Health Organization (WHO) for the international community and stakeholders

to assist in prediction, prevention and control of animal disease threats,

including zoonoses, through sharing of information, epidemiological analysis

and joint field missions to assess and control the outbreak, whenever needed.

The three organizations use complementary and partly overlapping sources of

information to identify infectious disease events.




The overall aim of GLEWS is to improve the early warning and response

capacity to animal disease threats of the three sister organizations for the benefit

of the international community.


Scope Global


Primary Funders


See participants and key collaborators.


Participants & Key Collaborators




Definition of One Health


None. GLEWS is based on the idea that infection does not recognize

geographical nor species borders. For its zoonotic component it takes a stand in

the shift in paradigm from independence to interdependence of agencies and

professions involved in zoonotic control.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy




Sources of Information





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