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Global Environmental Institute - China (GEI)

Global Environmental Institute (GEI) – China


Using Market Mechanisms to Develop Economically Viable Solutions to

Environmental Problems




GEI is a Chinese non-profit, non-governmental organization that believes

solving environmental problems cannot be separated from solving social and

economic problems. GEI facilitates cooperation between government

departments, academic institutions, private enterprises, and civil society

organizations and seeks out integrated solutions to economic development and

environmental protection in China. GEI researches, designs and promotes

financial and commercial models as well as policy tools to pilot at its project

sites. GEI partners with and engages in capacity building of all relevant

stakeholders. Based on project success, GEI then submits policy

recommendations to relevant government departments, works to establish

market mechanisms, and assists enterprises in environmental institution





To design and implement market-based models for solving environmental

problems in order to achieve development that is economically, ecologically,

and socially sustainable.


Scope International – Regional focus: China


Primary Funders


2010 sponsors: Asia Foundation, Battelle Memorial Institute, Blue Moon Fund,

British Consulate-General Shanghai, Carnegie Endowment for International

Peace, Center for Climate Strategies, China National Bamboo Research and

Development Center, State Forestry Administration, Energy Foundation,

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Oxfam,

Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund, United Kingdom Department for Environment,

Food and Rural Affairs/United Kingdom Department for International

Development, United Nations Development Programme.


Participants & Key Collaborators


Over 25 strategic partners that include Chinese government agencies, nongovernmental

organizations, international organizations and academic

institutions, and private enterprises.


Definition of One Health




Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


Annual reports are available online that include annual financial reports and

project descriptions (background, objectives, methodology, timeframe,

activities, impacts, prospects). No formal monitoring and evaluation strategy is

available on the website


Sources of Information


GEI China Website:

Contact GEI China

Jin Jiaman

Executive Director


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