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Kibale EcoHealth Project

Kibale EcoHealth Project


Health through Conservation




The Kibale EcoHealth Project is a long-term investigation of health ecology and

epidemiology in the region of Kibale National Park, Uganda. Through an

evidence-based scientific approach, the project strives to discover how

anthropogenic changes to tropical ecosystems alter health-related outcomes and

infectious disease dynamics in people, wildlife, and domestic animals. The

Kibale EcoHealth Project combines ecology, epidemiology, social science, and

veterinary and human medicine. The Kibale EcoHealth Project is dedicated to

building capacity in Uganda for transdisciplinary research, education, and

outreach in disease ecology and ecosystem health.




To protect the health and wellbeing of people, wildlife, and domestic animals

while ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystems these species share.

Scope Regional: in and near the Kibale National Park, Uganda


Primary Funders


Funding for core activities come from the National Institutes of Health, through

the joint NSF/NIH Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Program.


Participants & Key Collaborators


Core researchers, students, post-doctoral associates, field assistants and support

staff. Other partners include: Makerere University, Uganda Wildlife Authority,

Uganda National Council for Science and Technology, Kibale National Park,

Conservation Through Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, McGill

University, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention, Stanford University, University of Oregon, University

of Bristol, and University of Cambridge.


Definition of One Health


None. The project's central hypothesis is that key human behaviors, primate

behaviors, ecological conditions, and landscape features affect the dynamics of

interspecific disease transmission, and that identifying such factors will point to

clear avenues for intervention through public health, conservation, and wildlife



Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


Monitoring and evaluation is done in partnership with the Research and

Monitoring unit of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.


Sources of Information


Kibale EcoHealth Project Website:

Contact Tony L. Goldberg, PhD, DVM, MS


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