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Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network (MBDS)

Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network



Maintaining and Expanding Cross-Border Disease Surveillance




Since 1999, the Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network (MBDS) has

worked cooperatively across national borders to improve disease surveillance

and control in the Mekong Basin area of Southeast Asia. In 2007, a permanent

memorandum of understanding was signed by MBDS health ministries. MBDS

currently works to implement seven core strategies: maintain and expand crossborder

cooperation, improve the human-animal sector interface and strengthen

community-based surveillance, strengthen epidemiology capacity, strengthen

laboratory capacity, strengthen information and communications technologies

capacity, strengthen risk communication, and conduct and apply policy





Reduce morbidity caused by outbreak-prone priority diseases by strengthening

national and sub-regional capabilities in infectious disease surveillance and

outbreak response to rapidly and effectively control them.


Scope Regional - Includes Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Yunnan and Gianxi Provinces of

China, Myanmar, and Vietnam


Primary Funders


The Rockefeller Foundation, Nuclear Threat Initiative's (NTI) Global Health and

Security Initiative (GHSI), WHO, CDC,


Participants & Key Collaborators


Ministries of Health for MBDS members, United Nations System Influenza

Coordination (UNSIC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID),

Kenan Institute Asia, The RAND Corporation, Asian Development Bank (ADB),

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)


Definition of One Health




Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


MBDS has an action plan for 2008-2013. Within this action plan are specific

and measurable goals, indicators for measuring success, and a simplified

monitoring and evaluation strategy for each of MBDS's core strategies.


Sources of Information


MBDS Website:

MBDS Action Plan:

Contact Dr. Moe Ko Oo

MBDS Coordinator


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