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National Center of Competence in Research N/S

National Center of Competence in Research North-



Research Partnerships for Mitigating Syndromes of Global Change




Launched in 2001, the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR)

North-South is an innovative research program in the fields of global change and

sustainable development. Headquartered in Switzerland and encompassing a

network of over 350 researchers active in more than 40 countries worldwide, it

is dedicated to finding sustainable, practicable solutions to specific challenges of

global change. Central to all NCCR North-South activities is a commitment to

partnership between institutions and individuals in the northern and southern

hemispheres. Research is collaboratively conducted with a special emphasis on

the needs of developing and transition countries, since they are arguably under

the most pressure due to accelerated global processes of environmental,

economic, and sociopolitical change.




The research projects in the Health, Services, and Planning Node of the NCCR

North-South examine how to facilitate effective health and sanitation strategies

through participatory planning. Their final aim is to aid the creation of

interventions, health services and social programs that are sustainable,

equitable, reflect local conditions, meet the needs of local populations and

reinforce their resilience.


Scope Global


Primary Funders


Swiss National Science Foundation and Swiss Agency for Development and



Participants & Key Collaborators


(for the Thematic Node on Health, Services and Planning) Department of

Epidemiology and Public Health at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health

Institute (EPH, Swiss TPH, Basel, Switzerland) and Department of Water and

Sanitation in Development Countries at the Aquatic Research Institute Eawag

(SANDEC, Eawag, Dübendorf, Switzerland), African, Asian and Latin

American partner countries/institutions.


Definition of One Health


None. Vision of transdisciplinary research to tackle multidisciplinary

development and globalization problems. See Zinsstag et al., (2010). From “one

medicine” to “one health” and systemic approaches to health and well-being



Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


Program evaluation through external Review Board; project evaluation through

internal Board of Directors


Sources of Information


Public Website:


Patricia Schwaerzler

NCCR North-South/TN2 ‘Health,

Services, and Planning’ Coordinator

Swiss Tropical and Public Health


Prof. Jakob Zinsstag

NCCR North-South/TN2 ‘Health,

Services, and Planning’ Head

Swiss Tropical and Public Health


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