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Delivering One Health Training for Neglected Zoonoses in Africa's Sahel and





The OH-NEXTGEN main output will be a unique and sustainable web-based

training program that will equate to a diploma in neglected zoonotic diseases based

on the “One Health” approach to contribute to research development and improved

control of zoonoses in Africa in the Maghreb and Sahel regions. OH-NEXTGEN

will build a sustainable One Health course framework for cooperation and research

management of neglected zoonoses; build a knowledge base for information on the

neglected zoonoses in terms of disease, epidemiology and burdens; promote

intersectoral collaboration in the control of neglected zoonoses; empower women

through training by web-based distance learning, using messaging cognisant of

traditional knowledge and appropriate to the economic, sociological and cultural

contexts of affected communities; Build capacity to facilitate the transfer of

technologies to control neglected zoonoses in developing countries; and execute a

pro-active program of dissemination aimed at relevant stakeholders especially raising

the profile of the neglected zoonotic diseases training both internationally and within

affected countries.




The “Training of the One Health Next Scientific Generation” OH-NEXTGEN

collaborating action aims to develop an adaptive modular, training programme for

physicians, veterinarians and public health professionals that can be flexibly

integrated into existing master, PhD and CPD programmes of universities in

countries where neglected zoonoses continue to pose a threat to human and animal



Scope Regional - Sahel and Magreb regions of Africa


Primary Funders




Participants & Key Collaborators


Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Belgium; Swiss Tropical and Public Health

Institute (STPH), Swizterland; University of Edinburgh (UEDIN), United Kingdom;

Karolinska Institute (KI), Sweden; AVIA-GIS (AVIA), Belgium; University of

Pretoria (UP), South Africa; Institut Agro-Vétérinaire Hassan II (IAV), Morocco;

École Inter-États des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires (EISMV), Senegal; School of

Public Health, University of Ghana (UG), Ghana.


Definition of One Health




Monitoring& Evaluation Strategy




Sources of Information


Contact Dr. Tanguy Marcotty

Department of Animal Health

Institute of Tropical Medicine



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