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One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA)

One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA)


Networking Regionally to Prevent Future Pandemics




A collaborative group of scientists and government agencies focused on the spread of emerging diseases among wildlife and human populations. OHASA focuses on an area encompassing the West Bengal region of India and its neighboring country, Bangladesh. The One Health Alliance of South Asia has outlined its mission within this border region of India and Bangladesh and aspires to expand this charter to other countries in South Asia. OHASA plans to foster the growth of a synergistic initiative across Bangladesh and India among both ministry officials and scientists and will target disease surveillance in the regions where zoonotic agents are most likely to emerge. Researchers will sample animal populations most likely to carry disease and will examine the activities that are most likely to cause these disease agents to spillover into people.




The One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA) aims to predict and prevent emerging infectious diseases on the Indian subcontinent, incorporating consideration of population growth and movement, food insecurity, public health threats and fragile ecosystems.




 Regional – South Asia.


Primary Funders


The Rockefeller Foundation.


Participants & Key Collaborators


EcoHealth Alliance. Present at the first inaugural meeting of OHASA were the Minister for Environment and Forests from the Government of India (Shri. Jairam Ramesh), the Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock from the Government of Bangladesh (Mr. Md. Sharful Islam), as well as leaders from academia, conservation and health NGOs, the health sector and wildlife departments from both countries.


Definition of One Health


The One Health perspective recognizes that the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems are linked and therefore requires experts from different health-related fields to work together to predict, prevent, and control zoonotic disease incidence.


Monitoring   & Evaluation Strategy


As required by funding agency guidelines.


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