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One Health Central and East Africa (OHCEA)

One Health Central and East Africa (OHCEA)


Facilitating the One Health Approach by Transforming Health Education




Established in October 2010, OHCEA empowers academic leaders with One

Health leadership training and strategic planning to facilitate the regional

transition to a One Health approach. OHCEA provides a platform to transform

the way health leaders of tomorrow understand and practice their professions,

transition the current health workforce through continuing education to adopt

One Health approaches to disease investigation and response, and broaden the

public health base by including community-based health workers. OHCEA

deans and their schools support and facilitate National One Health Core

Working Groups that bring government, communities, and educational

institutions together to address issues of normative and emerging infectious

disease prevention and control.




Connect schools of public health and veterinary medicine in Africa to drive

transformational change for continuous improvement of health and well being

of humans, animals, and ecosystems through multi-disciplinary research,

training, and community service.


Scope Regional - Includes Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda,

Tanzania, and Uganda


Primary Funders


USAID, via the RESPOND initiative.


Participants & Key Collaborators


Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), University of Minnesota, Tufts

University, Training and Resources Group, Ecology and Environment, Inc.


Definition of One Health




Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


OHCEA recently approved a ten-year strategic plan that focuses primarily on

operational goals.


Sources of Information




Dr. Geoffrey Kabagambe

Program Manager

Dr. William Bazeyo

Dean, School of Public Health

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda


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