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One Health Initiative

One Health Initiative


Advocacy to Unite Human and Veterinary Medicine with Ecosystem





Recognizing that human health, animal health, and ecosystem health are

inextricably linked, One Health seeks to promote, improve, and defend the

health and well being of all species by enhancing cooperation and collaboration

between physicians, veterinarians, other scientific health and environmental

professionals and by promoting strengths in leadership and management to

achieve these goals. The One Health Initiative will advance the concept of one

health with the ultimate goals of protecting and saving lives in future

generations by accelerating biomedical research discoveries, enhancing public

health efficacy, expeditiously expanding the scientific knowledge base, and

improving medical education and clinical care. The One Health Initiative

leadership team promotes One Health via newspaper and professional journal

publications and through the One Health Initiative website.




One Health (formerly called One Medicine) is dedicated to improving the lives

of all species—human and animal—through the integration of human medicine,

veterinary medicine and environmental science. The aim of the One Health

Initiative is to increase communication and collaboration between human,

animal, and ecosystem health professionals.


Scope Global


Primary Funders


None. An autonomous pro bono team carries out all activities of the One Health



Participants & Key Collaborators


More than 40 organizations representing global health and more than 597

prominent scientists, physicians and veterinarians worldwide have endorsed the



Definition of One Health


The One Health concept is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary

collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans,

animals and the environment.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


Success is informally measured by the number of individuals and organizations

that support One Health and the number of new One Health efforts.


Sources of Information



Contact Dr. Laura Kahn

Princeton University

Dr. Bruce Kaplan

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