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Pet Partners

1.    Organization Name

Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society)

2.    Narrative Description

Pet Partners, formerly Delta Society, is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and demonstrating that positive human-animal interactions improve people’s physical, psychological and emotional lives.  The organization’s Therapy Animal Program has more than 11,000 currently registered therapy animal teams that visit in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, schools, prisons and other settings.  These teams bring the comfort and healing of the human-animal bond to more than 1 million people each year.

3.    Purpose

To promote and demonstrate that positive human-animal interactions improve people’s physical, psychological and emotional lives.

4.    Type of Organization

•    Private, Non-Profit Organization

5.    Scope

International, with primary focus in the United States

6.    Country and State and City

United States, Washington, Bellevue (headquarters)

7.    Primary Funders

Private donations

8.    One Health Courses being taught

    Title of program:  Animal Assisted Therapy Online Course (offered in conjunction with University of New Hampshire)
    Contact person’s name and email: Jerilee Zezula DVM,
    Link to program informational web page:

9.    Organization Website

10.    Participants and Key Collaborators

Bill McCulloch DVM MPH, Gregg Takashima DVM (former board member), Rebecca Johnson PhD, RN, FAAN (current board member)

11.    Brief History of Your Organization’s One Health Involvement

Pet Partners Co-Founder Bill McCulloch DVM MPH served as member and Chair of the AVMA Council on Education and also was founding Chair of the AVMA Human-Animal Bond Task Force. MCulloch’s major efforts throughout his career have been on the One Health efforts of the health and allied professions. His papers “One Health Concept: the Human-Animal Bond as a Collaborative Model” was published as part of a One Health in Action Series in Veterinaria Italia edited by Laura Kahn, MD, Bruce Kaplan, DVM and Thomas Month, MD in 2007.

In 2010, Pet Partners former board member Gregg Takashima DVM collaborated with American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to create a One Health seminar at AAHA’s annual meeting.  The One Health seminar was held again in the AAHA’s annual meeting in 2011.  Dr. Takashima is currently the AAHA representative to the World Small Animal Association and is a key player on the One Health Committee.

In conjunction with the Iowa State Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH) and the One Health Commission, Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Pet Partners Board of Directors and Dr. Bill McCulloch, Co-founder of Pet Partners, have co-authored a chapter on the Human-Animal Bond in the upcoming book, "Zoonoses: Protecting People and Their Pets".



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