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Reuni n Interamericana a Nivel Ministerial (RIMSA)

Reunión Interamericana, a Nivel Ministerial, en

Salud y Agricultura (RIMSA)


Inter-American Meeting, at Ministerial Level, in Health and Agriculture




RIMSA is a regional forum for collaboration and coordination on issues related

to veterinary public health (e.g., prevention and control of zoonotic and

foodborne diseases, eradication of foot-and-mouth disease, and measures

related to food safety). It is the only such forum with the participation of the

Ministers of Health and Agriculture from Pan American Health Organization

(PAHO) Member States. Through RIMSA, PAHO receives the political support

necessary to develop technical cooperation in these countries. RIMSA takes into

account both the countries' commitment and the impact of decisions made on

the countries' economy and on the health of its population.




RIMSA's main function is to unite the national authorities from the health and

agricultural sectors, at ministerial level, thus creating the political conditions

necessary for the debate on country needs and on PAHO proposals in the area

of veterinary public health.


Scope International – in the Region of the Americas


Primary Funders


PAHO (individual RIMSA meetings may have additional sponsors)


Participants & Key Collaborators


Ministers of Agriculture, Ministers of Health, and other high-level political

authorities from PAHO Member States; the PAHO Veterinary Public Health

Unit; the World Health Organization (WHO).


Definition of One Health


No specific definition of One Health is stated in the description of RIMSA

online; however, the final report of the 2005 meeting a "One Health" approach

was highlighted: "An intersectoral approach to health and agriculture is crucial

in order to understand and to take action to prevent and control zoonotic

diseases that pose a potential threat to the public health and economy of



Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


PAHO defines strategic and programmatic goals every four years. No formal

monitoring and evaluation strategy is provided online regarding RIMSA.


Sources of Information


PAHO Website:

Contact (unknown)

PAHO Headquarters in Washington,DC


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