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Society for Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)


Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad



Caring for Working Animals and Protecting Livelihoods Worldwide




SPANA is a United Kingdom charity that works to improve the standards of

animal care in some of the world's poorest communities. By ensuring working

animals are well and healthy, SPANA helps animals make even more of a

contribution to the lives of those who depend on them. SPANA provides many

services such as: free veterinary care; education programs that teach animal

owners and children how to better care for and respect their animals;

emergency programs that treat animals in times of crisis and disaster; and, an

outreach program that funds local animal welfare organizations. SPANA's

mobile clinics and refuge centers care for over 400,000 animals every year.




To ensure that working animals are healthy and people are aware of the

importance of animal welfare so that working animals can continue to support

families' livelihoods.


Scope Global. Main regional focus of centers and clinics is in Africa and the Middle

East (Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Mali, Syria, Mauritania, Ethiopia and Algeria).

Outreach and emergency projects have included more than 25 countries in this

region as well as North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


Primary Funders


SPANA is entirely funded by donations from individuals, trusts, and

foundations (over 60 identified in their 2010 Annual Review).


Participants & Key Collaborators


Key participants and collaborators for SPANA are individual donors and

volunteers (e.g., veterinarians and veterinary assistants) plus the people that the

organization assists and educates. SPANA also holds positive working

relationships with the governments, local agencies, and Ministry of Education in

all countries of operation.


Definition of One Health


None. However, the work of SPANA recognizes the interconnectedness of

human and animal health and their work improves both.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


SPANA develops and posts to their website an Annual Review document as

well as financial statements so that donors may know where and how their

money is used. No formal monitoring and evaluation strategy is available on the



Sources of Information


SPANA Website:

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