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St Louis Zoo Inst for Conservation Medicine(ICM)

1.    Organization Name

Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine (ICM)

2.    Narrative Description

The ICM leads scientific projects that address diseases shared between animals and humans, that challenge the conservation of wildlife species, and that threaten public health.  Institute projects fit into one of the key roles that zoological institutions play in conservation medicine.  These roles include:  (1) conducting studies to improve that healthcare of zoo wildlife, thus ensuring successful zoo breeding programs that contribute to the sustainability of biodiversity; (2) conducting studies of diseases of conservation concern; (3) understanding diseases in zoo wildlife so they may serve as sentinels for emerging diseases of humans and animals in urban areas; (4) surveillance of disease in wild animals where they mix with domestic animals and humans; (5) comparative medicine; (6) and the discovery of all life forms from the macro to micro levels. 

3.    Purpose

The ICM takes a holistic approach to research on wildlife, public health, and sustainable ecosystems to ensure healthy animals and healthy people.

4.    Type of Organization

Zoological Institution.  Private, Non-Profit Organization

5.    Scope

The ICM works both within the USA and globally.  Our work includes health and disease studies of both collection and free-living wildlife populations.  A strong focus of our work is on health issues that threaten wildlife conservation and/or have public health implications.  In addition to research, the ICM is committed to turning research into conservation action and to educating students of all ages on conservation medicine so they may better participate in solutions to the pressing conservation and health challenges of the 21st century. 

6.    Country and State and City

Saint Louis, Missouri USA

7.    Primary Funders

The ICM is an institute within the Saint Louis Zoo.  We receive funding as part of the core zoological operating costs, donations, and granting agencies.

8.    One Health Courses being taught

Veterinary preceptorships, internships, and externships are offered through the ICM. 
Contact person’s name and email:  Dr. Sharon L. Deem.
Link to Course informational web page:
9.    Other One Health Activities/Initiatives

We partner with other organizations on conservation medicine/One Health teams. 

10.    One Health Certificate or Training Programs

We have adjunct status with universities in Missouri but no formal One Health certificates.

11.    Organization Website

12.    Participants and Key Collaborators

Sharon L. Deem, DVM, PhD, DACZM
R. Eric Miller, DVM, DACZM
Amy Brauss
University of Missouri-Columbia
University of Missouri-Saint Louis
Washington University in Saint Louis
Mpala Research Center
Novus International
Max Planck Institute

13.    Brief History of Your Organization’s One Health Involvement

The Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine was launched in 2011. Although the Institute is new, we are building on a solid foundation of 20+ years of conducting One Health studies globally.  Many of these studies have been conducted as part of the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute  Additionally, much of the health care and research with our collection animals include collaborative teams that represent a number of disciplines so we may best address health needs and challenges.  The ICM will now move the Saint Louis Zoo further to expand our footprint in the fields of conservation medicine / One Health. 

14.    Additional Information

During the first year, the ICM kindled, and re-kindled, a number of relationships and collaborations with colleagues and other institutions that are working within the fields of conservation medicine and One Health, and who have shown a desire for the possible development of a Midwestern Regional Consortium of Conservation Medicine.   A product of these emails, phone calls and meetings was the March 14 – 16, 2012 workshop at the Saint Louis Zoo which included 44 participants from the Saint Louis Zoo, the Saint Louis and Midwest region, and nationally.  This 2 ½ day workshop focused on discussions to explore the fields of conservation medicine and One Health, partnerships necessary for conservation medicine teams, and the possible development of Consortium of Conservation Medicine.   We soon will have the final document from this meeting which will help guide the ICM in the coming years. 


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