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Stone Mountain Meeting Workgroups

Stone Mountain Meeting Workgroups


Experts Working to Implement Sustainable Global One Health





As a result of several One Health meetings focused on improving governmental policy

and providing guidance for countries to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, the Stone

Mountain Meeting (SMM) convened 54 leaders in May 2010 to develop specific action

plans for operationalizing the goals of One Health. SMM Workgroups developed plans

for sustainable inter-sectoral collaboration by identifying concrete opportunities for

implementing One Health with a consensus vision for the next 3-5 years. Workgroups

are currently taking action to advance the SMM vision through improving One Health

training, establishing a global network, developing an information clearinghouse,

conducting country-level needs assessments, building capacity, providing evidence for

One Health effectiveness, and articulating the One Health concept to policy-makers and





Implement sustainable global One Health collaborations by completing operational

goals as SMM workgroups, using the consensus 3-5 year vision from SMM as a guide.


Scope Global


Participants & Key Collaborators


The CDC hosted SMM in collaboration with the World Organization for Animal Health

(OIE), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the World Health

Organization (WHO). Participants represented the economic, policy, and academic

sectors, and included the World Bank, United States Department of Agriculture

(USDA), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), national ministries of health

and agriculture, the European Commission, Pan American Health Organization

(PAHO), The Wildlife Trust, and several universities.


Primary Funders


SMM was funded primarily by CDC, OIE, and USAID. The World Bank has

committed funds for one of the objectives developed at the meeting.


Definition of One Health


No definition has been articulated, however the Manhattan Principles (2004) were used

as a common starting point. SMM participants were focused on the use of One Health

to prevent, detect, and control diseases that impact both humans and animals, along

with the desire for a global culture that appreciates the importance of the connection

between humans, animals, and ecosystems.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


No formal strategy in place. A major strength of the SMM was the development of

specific goals and objectives with timelines for implementation. However, there is no

formal method for documenting progress in intended activities or for determining

whether these activities are successful in achieving the SMM vision. Informally, the

CDC presented a report on SMM workgroup action at the 2011 One Health Congress.


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