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Swiss TPH Tropical and Public Health Institutes

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

(Swiss TPH)


Teaching, Research, and Service for International Health Development




The mandate of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is to

contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally,

nationally and locally through excellence in research, services, teaching and

training. The Swiss TPH builds its programs around eight strategic goals, some

of which are closely focused on the premise of the One Health movement. The

guiding principle of the Swiss TPH is to work in interdisciplinary partnership to

respond to local, national and international public health priorities, seeking

solutions through needs for innovation (discovery through promotion and

testing of hypotheses), validation (evidence providing what works) and

application (strengthening individual and public health actions, systems and





Achieve significant improvements of human health and well being through a

better understanding of disease and health systems and acting on this



Scope Global


Primary Funders


More than 80% of the income for the Swiss TPH is acquired competitively

through research grants, medical and consultancy services, and courses. The

remaining 19% of the core budget is publicly funded. Approximately 35% of

the Swiss TPH budget comes from the Swiss Centre for International Health

within Swiss TPH, which has clients including WHO, World Bank, UNAIDS,

Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), The Global Fund, and



Participants & Key Collaborators


The Swiss TPH is an associate institute of the University of Basel. More than

520 colleagues (March 2011) from 40 nations work worldwide for the Swiss

TPH in research, teaching, and service provision.


Definition of One Health


None. The Swiss TPH is committed to developing iterative research and

development processes for populations and their health, social and

environmental systems, by working across the health sciences spectrum from

molecule to policy with interdisciplinary approaches to health and well being.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


The Swiss TPH prepares a biennial report detailing their work and discussing

research initiatives. Annual reports are prepared as guided by external funding



Sources of Information



Biennial Report:

Contact Prof. Jakob Zinsstag

Swiss Tropical and Public Health


Dr. Nick Lorenz

Swiss Center for International



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