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Transforming National Veterinary Services (VS) to Institutionalize One





The Veterinary Services (VS) branch of the United States Animal and Plant Inspection

Service (APHIS) has enacted an initiative (VS2015) to streamline and retool existing VS

operations. Within the initiative, VS identified a special group of priority issues to be

addressed in 2011 and 2012, including One Health. In addition to integrating One

Health initiatives into daily VS activities, VS plans to continue to build new

collaborations and partnerships in the One Health community. Short-term projects have

been developed with One Health partners, and more are being encouraged. VS also

created a pilot One Health Coordination Office to manage activities and be a point of

contact for VS personnel and One Health partners. The group began its work in January

2011 and has established multidisciplinary teams of VS personnel to help develop

operational, communication, and training plans for One Health.




As the government’s animal health authority, APHIS VS will contribute expertise,

infrastructure, networks, and systems to partner effectively in a multi-disciplinary,

multi-level (local, state, national, and international) collaborative approach to promote

healthy animals, people, ecosystems, and society.


Scope National – United States


Primary Funders


VS relies on federal funding from United States Department of Agriculture. The

additional funds needed for implementing the VS One Health strategic plan have not

been confirmed, but there is interest and support from the US Secretary of Agriculture.

Resource shortages (personnel, funding) are a definite obstacle.


Participants & Key Collaborators


Other government agencies, One Health programs, and non-governmental



Definition of One Health


The convergence of people, animals, and our environment has created a powerful

dynamic through which the health of animals is inextricably linked with the health of

people and the viability of ecosystems.


Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy


There is an approved strategic plan for implementing One Health activities within APHIS

VS, including specific goals, timelines for action, and indicators of success. If a

permanent APHIS VS One Health Coordination Office is established, one of its primary

responsibilities would be monitoring the implementation and progress of the strategic



Sources of Information


VS2015 One Health Strategic Plan:

Contact VS One Health Coordination Office,

(Dr. Joseph Annelli, Dr. Lynn Creekmore, Dr. Thomas Gomez, Dr. Katherine

Marshall, and Dr. Sarah Tomlinson)

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