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Additional Bat Rabies Resources

Additional Bat Rabies Education Resources



Credit:  Robert Herriman interviewing Peter Costa, Outbreak News Today (1/17/18)

Coloring Books:

Credit:  Dr. Maria Correa, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Credit: Arizona Department of Health Services

            Credit:  USDA APHIS (YouTube)

Credit: Global Alliance for Rabies Control

           Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Bat World Sanctuary,

           Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ravenswood Media

​​​​​​​Credit: Nat Geo Live

Power Point Presentations:

Credit: Lexi Peterman for Poe Health Center Camps in North Carolina, USA 

Fact Sheets:

Credit:  U.S. CDC

Credit: American Veterinary Medical Association

Fliers / Brochures:

Credit: American Veterinary Medical Association

Credit: U.S. CDC

Credit: National Park Service

Credit: EcoHealth Alliance

Publications and Guidance Documents:

Other Helpful Organizations and Websites:


If you or your organization have more Bat Rabies Education materials that would be useful to the public please let BRET know

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