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One Health is an integrated concept of health and well-being that gives consideration of and combines knowledge and input from many different stakeholders to attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants, and our environment.

One Health can be meaningful for everyone.  It is about developing a relationship with our world that leads to a more sustainable, empathetic and healthy existence overall. 

One Health can provide the conceptual basis for a curriculum that can teach young people how to look beyond immediate results and to ask complex questions while seeking a deeper understanding of integrated problem solving that preserves the health of an entire system.   The One Health Education Task Force is working to make available curriculum materials for K-12 programs that emphasize the One Health approach. This methodology can be applied to nearly any discipline from STEM to the humanities and can be used to bridge disciplines when working through a  complex issue.  Teachers (K-12 and beyond) will find that incorporation of the One Health concept into curricula supports achievement of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Follow the links below to find materials for your classroom. More materials will be added as they are developed or become available over time. These lessons are available only in English so far.  Let us know if you would like to help us adapt them to your native language.

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Elementary/Primary School

The Web of Life: 
One Health Interconnections of 
Pets, People, and the Environment

 Lesson Plan Overview (pdf)
 Lesson Plan Overview, (Word)
 Classroom teaching slides (power point)

Middle School


Solve the One Health Mystery

Lesson Plan Overview (pdf)

High/Secondary School

Discover the Interconnectedness 
of Human Sustainability and Earth’s 
Ecosystems with One Health!

Lesson Plan Overview (Word doc)
Lesson Plan Overview (pdf)
Classroom Lesson slides (pdf ppt)


Explore the U.S. CDC Science Ambassador Fellowships for Middle and High School Teachers and its

Public Health Educational Activities that Primary and Secondary K-12 Teachers can take into their classrooms.

Bringing One Health into K-12 Classrooms, A ‘How To’ for non-teachers.



Visit the Online One Health Library for more Educational Resources

Find higher level One Health education programs on the Online One Health Opportunities Bulletin Board and in the special Series of Papers on One Health Training,Research and Outreach.

See a Map (in progress) of One Health Higher Education Programs Compiled by ISOHA

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