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We believe that One Health ‘can’ become the default way of doing business when individuals and groups from around the world work together in organized team efforts. Bring ‘your’ energy, expertise and passion for One Health to an OHC ‘ACTION’ Team to help make a difference for global animal and public health and, ultimately, the health of our planet. All teams are overseen by OHC staff with guidance provided by members of the Board of Directors as appropriate. Team leaders are selected from among those who step forward to get involved in long-term team efforts.  Contact your team of interest or  for more information and to explore One Health ‘Action’ opportunities.


Current ActionTeams / Programs:


Bat Rabies Education Team (BRET)

COVID-19 and One Health Media Team



   One Health Education - US           (OHE-US) Team


 One Health – Social Sciences             Initiative (OHSS)



One Health Outreach Resources / Educational Brochures Team

International One Health for One Planet Education (1 HOPE) Initiative



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