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Value - Why Support the One Health Commission?


"Connecting" - One Health Advocates and Stakeholders


"Creating" - Strategic Networks / Teams / Partnerships


"Educating" - About One Health and One Health issues.




Current Actions of the One Health Commission:


2021 Annual Report



2020 Annual Report


The One Health Commission is a prominent, international body of unified, action-oriented, One Health-minded individuals and organizations. It is a gateway for the active exchange of One Health-related knowledge, sharing of resources and collaborative projects that reach beyond disciplinary boundaries.





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One Health Awareness Month 



The Commission's programs and actions are designed and intended to support and advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the U.S. Global Health Security Agenda, and the Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health Report through:

  • Facilitation / Collaboration: It’s a gateway to connect with other One Health partners/stakeholders / advocates, academic institutions, non-profit and private sector organizations in the active support of integrated One Health actions across animal, ecosystem and human health from local grassroots levels to national and international stages.
  • Education: It’s a source of credible, science-based information for One Health education for your professional training, communications and educational needs across your client-customer-member spectrum; provides a platform and support for your organization to conduct international One Health education events for your target audience. 
  • Future Leaders: It’s a catalyst, creating opportunities for students in your respective sector/domain to become engaged and trained in the One Health conversation, positioning them for future internship and employment opportunities; provides access to talented future One Health leaders. 


Feel free to use this Public Service Radio Announcement that was created in 2015 by

the One Health Commission

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Current Actions of the One Health Commission: (Download Full PDF)


You, personally, and/or your organization can help with this work.



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