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2019 - 2020


About the OHSS


The One Health Commission believes that the Social sciences are essential to understanding and addressing the root causes of disease and determinants of community health. Without an understanding of how sociological, cultural, economic, demographic, historical, linguistic, geographic, political, and other social dimensions contribute to health, society will be limited in achieving it for all. Social science disciplines are critical to making One Health the default way of doing business at all levels of research, academia, policy, and government.

Therefore, a One Health Social Sciences (OHSS) Initiative has been launched that will provide a platform for innovation and integration of all social science disciplines to strengthen the One Health movement. This team invites social science researchers and practitioners to share their expertise in utilization of the One Health approach to facilitate achievement of the United Nations Strategic Development Goals of ecosystem sustainability, global food security, and equitable health.


Upcoming Events

One Health Social Sciences Webinars:

June 25, 2020 “Enacting politics with mosquitos”

10:00-11:30 am EDT (UTC-4)

Dr. Jean Segata, Department of Anthropology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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July 9, 2020      "Teaching One Health to Children Around the World"

11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Dr. Deborah Thomson, DVM, Founder of

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Meetings and Projects





OHSS Launch Press Release

November 17, 2017


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Resources / Activities


A. One Health - Social Sciences Webinar Series, in perpetual celebration of One Health Day

The One Health Social Sciences (OH-SS) Initiative hosted a free webinar series to feature inspirational speakers addressing the role of the social sciences in advancing animal, human, and environmental health systems.

November 30, 2018  Helping People Make Healthy Decisions in a One Health World

Moderator:  Laura Streichert, PhD, MPH

Presenter:  Craig Stephen, DVM, PhD

Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre


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December 11, 2018  Overcoming Barriers to a Collaborative and Trans-disciplinary One Health Approach

Moderator:  Laura Streichert, PhD, MPH

Introductory Slides (click link)

Presenter: Bernadette Dunham, DVM, PhD, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA

Presentation Slides - Part I 

Presentation Slides - Part II 

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January 15, 2019  Addressing Gender Issues in One Health and Infectious Disease Preparedness

Moderator: Laura Streichert, PhD, MPH

Introductory Slides 


Brigitte Bagnol, PhD, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Bagnol Slides

Janetrix Hellen Amuguni, DVM, MA, PhD, USAID One Health Workforce Senior Technical Lead-Africa

Amuguni Slides

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February 26, 2019 El Enforque de "Una Salud" en Latinoamérica: Perú y México

                                  A focus on "One Health" in Latin America: Peru and Mexico

Moderator: Helena Chapman, MD, MPH, PhD, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

NASA Applied Sciences Program, Washington DC, USA


Veronica Ormea, DVM MSc, Research Associate, Institute Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt (IMTAvH), Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) , Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), Lima, Peru


Bernardo Moreno, MD, MSc, Special Projects Coordinator, AIDS Healthcare Foundation Mexico City, Mexico


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B. OHSS Initiative Small Working Groups  

1. OHSS Publications Working Group


Helena Chapman, MD, PhD, MPH -
Victor del Rio Vilas, DVM, MSc, PhD -


The publications working group (PWG) focuses on advocacy. The PWG aims to communicate the relevance of integrating social sciences and One Health, and to disseminate good practices, benchmarks, and success stories on this copula.


Although social sciences concepts and methods are directly relevant to One Health approaches, there are relatively few  publications in the evidence base on this topic. To address this gap, transdisciplinary collaborations that integrate social sciences and One Health approaches will be key to advancing scientific discovery.


  • To compile a comprehensive list of potential peer- and non-peer reviewed publication venues that would support multidisciplinary collaborative papers
  • To disseminate scientific papers to peer- and non-peer reviewed national and international journals
    • Letters to Editor, Perspectives/Commentaries, Reviews, Original Research
  • To strengthen the network of social scientists who are interested to learn more about One Health and represent diverse specialties and geographies
  • To investigate local, national, and international agencies, organizations, and universities that can provide venues to present oral or poster presentations on One Health topics
    • University seminars or symposiums, Local community events, National or international conferences

Outcome One

Potential Places to publish One Health–Social Science related topics


2. OHSS Mapping Actors Working Group (MWG)




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Bernardo Moreno Peniche, MD, MSc -

Helena Chapman, MD, PhD, MPH -



The Mapping Actors Working Group (MWG) aims to identify the network of scientists and community practitioners who incorporate One Health and social science concepts and methods in their research and practice.



Although trans-disciplinary collaborations are promoted in the scientific disciplines, scientists and community practitioners continue to work in silos. To address this gap, identifying scientists and community practitioners who incorporate One Health and social science concepts and methods will strengthen the development of One Health research proposals, community initiatives, and co-authored publications.



  • To compile a small list of scientists and practitioners in One Health education, community practice, and research.
  • To strengthen the network of scientists and practitioners who are interested to incorporate One Heath and social science concepts and methods into their research and practice.



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