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The One Health Commission believes that the Social sciences are essential to understanding and addressing the root causes of disease and determinants of community health. Without an understanding of how sociological, cultural, economic, demographic, historical, linguistic, geographic, political, and other social dimensions contribute to health, society will be limited in achieving it for all. Social science disciplines are critical to making One Health the default way of doing business at all levels of research, academia, policy, and government.

Therefore, a One Health Social Sciences (OHSS) Initiative was launched in 2017 that provides a platform for innovation and integration of all social science disciplines to strengthen the One Health movement. This team invites social science researchers and practitioners to share their expertise in utilization of the One Health approach to facilitate achievement of the United Nations Strategic Development Goals of ecosystem sustainability, global food security, and equitable health.


In 2023 the One Health Social Science Initiative worked on restructuring with the goal of sustaining OHSS through formation of functional working groups. These working groups focus on funding, networking, mentoring, webinars, and publications.

Additionally, the research-based OHSS Food Safety / Food Security subcommittee (OHSS-FSFS) founded in 2021 continues to provide webinars and publications from a social sciences perspective.

The OHSS webpage has been updated to include information about each of the subcommittees and their co-chairs.  Please reach out to the co-chairs if you are interested in contributing your time to a specific committee.

 In January of 2024, the work of the committees culminated with stated objectives for each sub-group and an event calendar, including bimonthly general membership meetings and quarterly presentations. 

The One Health Social Science Initiative leadership, working group co-chairs and advisory team has revised the Mission statement of the Initiative. The new Mission statement includes the importance of the humanities and the arts within an inclusive and robust interdisciplinary One Health approach.  The new statement, including rationale, mission, vision and goals appears here.




OHSS Launch Press Release    November 17, 2017


OHSS Meetings Notes, Slides, Recordings 2018 - 2020


OHSS Communications 2017 - 2021


OHSS Webinars Library Since 2018




A. Our Membership meetings

April 12, 2024 Meeting

Please join us on Friday April 12 at 3-4pm CET as we re-launch the One Health Social Sciences meetings! These meetings offer you the opportunity to network with others working in the OH social sciences and learn something new.

For this meeting, we are especially honored to have Dr. Cheryl Stroud, Executive Director of the One Health Commission, join us. She will provide an overview of the OHSS from its beginnings to where it is today, and what might be envisioned for tomorrow.

We’ll also provide an update on what we’ve been working and have the chance for conversation, either all together or in break-out rooms. It’s when we come together, share, learn, and get to know one another that connections can be made.

Registration link:


B. One Health Social Sciences Publications (chronological by publication date)


Please make us aware of any articles / publications that we have missed that belong here.


A One Health Social Science Approach to Water Security and Gender Equity in Rural Uganda, Nankanja A, et al., One Health Cases. CABI. 2023.

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Involving social sciences in teamwork to tackle a troubling, complex health issue (Taenia solium cystocercosis) in rural Kenya. (Listen to recording at bottom of page)

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2018 & 2019

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2015 and Earlier

See a Special Issue of Social Science & Medicine, One World One Health?? Social Science engagements with the one medicine agenda, Vol 129, pp. 1-130. (March 2015.), Edited by Dr. Susan Chaddock and Professor Steve Hinchliffe. Here are some of the articles from that issue.

Implementing a One Health approach to emerging infectious disease: reflections on the socio-political, ethical and legal dimensions, Degeling C, Johnson J, Kerridge I, et al.  BMC Public Health. 2015; 29(15):1307. doi: 10.1186/s12889-015-2617-1.

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C. One Health Social Sciences Webinar Series


The One Health Social Sciences (OH-SS) Initiative hosts a free webinar series featuring inspirational speakers addressing the role of the social sciences in advancing animal, human, and environmental health systems. See the OHSS Webinars Library


D. New research and action-based working groups  (2022 - to present)


       Research-based subcommittees

1. OHSS Food Safety and Food Security Working Group (OHSS-FSFS)

  The Food Safety and Food Security Small Working Group was founded in 2021 as part of the One Health Commission’s One Health Social Sciences Initiative.

            Vision: The OHSS-FSFS provides an opportunity for individuals to engage in the One Health space through scientific communication and interactions around the social and behavioral aspects of food safety and security.

            Aim:  The OHSS-FSFS aims to apply the One Health concept and social science approaches to address knowledge gaps and to share best practices in food safety and security for sustainable livelihoods.


Join the OHSS-FSFS Whats App group:


NEXT ACTIVITY21 of April 2024 at 7 pm CET

We are approaching World Food Safety Day, the 7th of June 2024, and we will celebrate it with Professor Muhammad Umar Zafar Khan and discuss with him different topics related to Food Safety and the One Health approach.
Last March, Professor Muhammad Umar Zafar Khan discussed One Health and foodborne disease. Please watch the webinar video here:

Join us in our Upcoming second webinar with Professor MUHAMMAD UMAR ZAFAR KHAN 

Date: 21 of April 2024

Time: 7 pm CET

Registration form: to come

Meeting link: to come


 Learn more and Meet the OHSS-FSFS Team



        Action-based subcommittees

        1. Grants and Funding

Co-leaders: Sara Agnelli (PhD | Classics; Assistant Director for Graduate Engagement, Center for the Humanities and Public Sphere -University of Florida); Nai Rui Chng  and Jeyver Rodriguez (Professor Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility, Faculty of Religious Science and Philosophy - Universidad Catolica de Temuco) 

       2. New Horizons

Co-leaders: Colleen Dell (sociologist; Research Chair in One Health and Wellness - University of Saskatchewan) and Scott Moreland (PhD (Duke) economist with over 45 years of experience, retired from Palladium)

      3. Membership and Mentoring

Co-leaders: Kathryn Dalton (PhD VMD MPH; IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - National Institutes of Health) and Nicholas Ngwili (PhD | Livestock Production Systems; post-doctoral scientist - International Livestock Research Institute)

      4. Webinars and Presentations

Leader: Debbie Stoewen (DVM, MSW, RSW, PhD - University of Guelph)

      5. Special Publication

Leader: Delia Randolph (Professor Food Safety Systems, Natural Resources Institute - University of Greenwich; Joint appointed scientist, Animal and Human Health Program - International Livestock Research Institute)


D. Past OHSS Initiative Small Working Groups (2018 - 2020)


1. OHSS Publication Venues Working Group


Helena Chapman, MD, PhD, MPH -
Victor del Rio Vilas, DVM, MSc, PhD -


The publications working group (PWG) focuses on advocacy. It aims to communicate the relevance of integrating social sciences and One Health, and to disseminate good practices, benchmarks, and success stories on this copula.


Although social sciences concepts and methods are directly relevant to One Health approaches, there are relatively few  publications in the evidence base on this topic. To address this gap, transdisciplinary collaborations that integrate social sciences and One Health approaches will be key to advancing scientific discovery.


  • To compile a comprehensive list of potential peer- and non-peer reviewed publication venues that would support multidisciplinary collaborative papers
  • To disseminate scientific papers to peer- and non-peer reviewed national and international journals
    • Letters to Editor, Perspectives/Commentaries, Reviews, Original Research
  • To strengthen the network of social scientists who are interested to learn more about One Health and represent diverse specialties and geographies
  • To investigate local, national, and international agencies, organizations, and universities that can provide venues to present oral or poster presentations on One Health topics
    • University seminars or symposiums, Local community events, National or international conferences


Potential Places to publish One Health–Social Science related topics

See also additional Journals and Periodicals known to publish One Health related items.


2. OHSS Mapping Actors Working Group (MWG)



   Bernardo Moreno Peniche, MD, MSc -

   Helena Chapman, MD, PhD, MPH -


View OHSS Actors

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The Mapping Actors Working Group (MWG) aims to identify the        network of scientists and community practitioners who incorporate One Health and social science concepts and methods in their research and practice.



Although trans-disciplinary collaborations are promoted in the scientific disciplines, scientists and community practitioners continue to work in silos. To address this gap, identifying scientists and community practitioners who incorporate One Health and social science concepts and methods will strengthen the development of One Health research proposals, community initiatives, and co-authored publications.



  • To compile a small list of scientists and practitioners in One Health education, community practice, and research.
  • To strengthen the network of scientists and practitioners who are interested to incorporate One Heath and social science concepts and methods into their research and practice.


OHSS LEADERSHIP TEAM (From left to right)


Co-chairs: Séverine Thys (MSc, PhD Health anthropologist at CIRAD, Montpellier) and Wendy J. Rib (DVM, PhD - Veterinarian and anthropologist at St. Petersburg College, Florida)


Advisory team:  Bernardo Moreno (MD, MSc - Medical doctor and social scientist at University California Berkeley, San Francisco), Helena Chapman (MD, PhD, MPH - Medical doctor and epidemiologist at the Applied Sciences Program of the NASA Earth Science Division, Washington), and Verónica Ormea (DVM, MSc - Veterinarian at at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima)



OHSS Leadership Team Bios




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