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The One Health Commission is a globally focused organization dedicated to promoting improved health of people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants and the environment.

The 501(c)(3) organization, chartered in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to informing all audiences about the importance of transcending institutional and disciplinary boundaries, and transforming the way that human, animal, plant, and ecosystem health professionals, and their related disciplines, work together to improve the health of all living things and the environment.

Two primary goals have been identified to achieve its mission towards One Health:

· To inform all audiences about the importance of the One Health approach by establishing a leading center for One Health communications and resources.

· To transform the way human, animal, plant and ecosystem health-related disciplines and institutions work together by leading, promoting and enabling demonstration projects that tackle high priority health challenges and illustrate the importance and value of the One Health approach.

The Commission seeks to engage all health science professions together with their related disciplines and institutions.  Membership opportunities are provided for institutional organizations, corporations, and individuals. 

A strategic alliance was established with Iowa State University (ISU) and the ISU One Health consortium in January of 2011.  Through this interim agreement the headquarters for the Commission are currently located at Iowa State University.  



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