About Academic Institution Membership and/or Non-Profit Sponsorship Financially Supporting the One Health Commission - One Health Commission

About Academic Institution Membership and/or Non-Profit Sponsorship Financially Supporting the One Health Commission

The One Health Commission is committed to creating synergistic interactions and opportunities between human health, animal health, plant health and global ecosystem health sectors. 

It cost nothing for an academic institution, an individual or a non-profit organization to participate and/or partner in the Commission's activities. However, it is only the academic institution membership dues and financial donations of individuals and non-profit organizations that believe in One Health and in the work that the Commission does to promote One Health that allows us to continue and to expand those efforts.

Individual Sponsors / Members are ‘Persons’ who wish to personally financially support the work of the Commission.

Institutional Sponsors / Members are Academic Institutions, Non-Profit Professional Organizations, or other Non-Profit entities.

Corporate Sponsors / Members: Financial donations from for-profit, corporate entities desiring to support the One Health Commission’s work are welcomed once approved by the Executive Board. 

As an Individual Donor, Academic Member or Non-Profit Institutional Donor  or Corporate Sponsor your Membership Dues and financial contributions will help deliver One Health Action projects, communications outreach, the resource library, event sharing, and other One Health programming.  Click here to read what your financial support helps the Commission do. (pdf download, give it a moment to load)

Academic Institution Membership and Personal or Non-Profit Donations of any size are welcome. The sponsorship / membership levels noted in the table below are 'suggested'.



(Academic / Non-Profit)


(For Profit)

Vanguard   $10,000 Plus $1,000 Plus $50,000 Plus
Leader    $5,000 $500 $20,000
Promoter   $2,500 $250 $10,000
Supporter   $1,000 $100 $5,000

Other (International)  

Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Student   - $ 25















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