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(WhatsApp group only for Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral students who are interested in One Health to discuss One Health issues, share information, and collaborate.)




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2022 ISOHA Educational Journal

2022 Stroud/OHC Editorial - Next Generation is more than just a 'buzz word'


1. Post announcements and information about ‘your’ group’s One Health efforts and events on this page to share with other students and the Global One Health community.  Send General Inquiries to

2. See ‘your’ Student One Health group listed on the Who’s Who in Students for One Health webpage to help us ‘connect’ Student One Health groups. Complete an ISOHA group information template and send to to be connected with your Country Representative.






Of Possible Interest:

Furthering the One Health Mission: Template for Establishing Student-Run One Health Groups on College Campuses, Fitzgerald H, Parulekar M, Schach E, Bachmann G; MMS. Dela J Public Health. 2021 Jan 21;7(1):8-10. doi: 10.32481/djph.2021.01.004. PMID: 34467174; PMCID: PMC8352537.


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2019 - 2020 ISOHA Executive Council Leaders


President: Walekhwa Abel Wilson, Uganda

Secretary-General:  Patrick Lennard,  Tasmania

VP of Finance: Yusuf Modu Bole, Nigeria

VP of Marketing:  Jorge Humberto Gonzalez Meza, Colombia

VP of Education: Andreas Pappas, Greece

VP of Outreach: Musiime Victor, Uganda

ISOHA Executive Council 2019 - 2020 Elections -  Call for Nominations


Recording-ISOHA 3rd International Who's Who in Students for One Health Webinar

March 2019 - Click Register to start the recording


ISOHA February 2019 Updates


One Health Day 2018 Student Event Competition Winners


December 2018 ISOHA One Health Video Competition Winners


ISOHA November 2018 Updates


2018 Formation of the International Student One Health Alliance, ISOHA


Student One Health Listserv Announcements 2015-2018 


Inaugural International Students for One Health Executive Council - 2017     

On July 3, 2017 the student representatives to the One Health Commission Board of Directors put out a call for applications ( to select inaugural leaders for the newly forming International Students for One Health (SOH) organization. Over 100 applications were received from student One Health advocates around the globe. After a vigorous review and voting process, six SOH Executive Council members (SOH ExCo) were selected to establish and lead the new SOH in its first year. The One Health Commission is proud to support these efforts.


Vice President At Large:
Neil Vezeau, BS 
DVM candidate, Iowa State University  
Vice President - Advertising:
Pallavi Oruganti, BS
MPH candidate, Ohio State University
Vice President - Education:
Emily Hardgrove, BS 
DVM/MPH candidate, Virginia-Maryland 
College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech 
Vice President - Members:  
Anastasia Lambrou, BSc, MSc 
PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg 
 School of Public Health 

Secretary General

Sulagna Chakraborty, MSc, MPH

PhD Candidate

University of Illinois





It is anticipated that this team will advance the SOH on a global scale, giving a voice to student One Health activists around the world and making a measurable difference within the One Health community. The many competitive applicants who were not chosen, and all other students working for One Health, will have many opportunities to engage on upcoming SOH Action Committees to make new SOH initiatives a reality. Be sure you are signed up on the SOH listserv (not restricted to students, faculty welcome ) to receive announcements and calls to action.  


May 20, 2017  2nd International Who's Who in Students for One Health Webinar 


the One Health Day 2016 Student Event Competition Winners

Organized by Students, Moderated by Neil Vezeau





Summary / Recording of First Students for One Health (SOH) Online Meeting (March 30, 2015)

On March 30, 2015, the One Health Commission (OHC) was proud to ‘Connect’ and support the many Students for One Health groups that are working around the world to further One Health sciences.  Student organizers /moderators were Lauren Brierly, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, and Sarina Selleck, Tufts College of Veterinary Medicine.

Student representatives from 24 academic institutions from 6 countries each had 5 minutes to share news about their respective One Health activities. Participants hailed from all One Health arenas and included undergraduates. Recording



Call for Who's Who in Students for One Health


Let's identify all SOH groups around the world and create a way to 'connect' with each other by creating a 'Who's Who in Students for One Health' pin map. Simply mouse over the pins to see Who’s Who.

Traveling? Check the map for One Health-minded students in the region you will visit for a potential local SOH connection when you get there.

Planning a One Health event? Reach out to other student groups to discuss / get feedback


SOH Announcements



July 3, 2017   Call for Applications for newly forming Students for One Health Executive Council.

Students for One Health (SOH) is an umbrella organization for student One Health groups/clubs around the world. The SOH aims to empower and educate students within the One Health field. The SOH works closely with the One Health Commission (OHC) as a parent organization. Until now the SOH has functioned informally within the OHC with OHC providing expertise, an online meeting platform and IT support through webinar services, mailing lists and website support. Moving forward, the SOH intends to become an independent organization that works closely with the OHC.

Click here for more information




UC - Berkeley One Health Student Initiative

The One Health Student Initiative at UC - Berkeley was founded in January 2016 by a group of undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines interested in pursuing careers in human medicine, veterinary medicine, environmental sciences, natural resources, and research with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary efforts between these seemingly disparate fields. They have created and are leading a new Undergraduate One Health DeCal Course  - One Health for Action: Integrating Human, Animal, and Environmental Health         

See One Health Student Initiative - UC Berkeley Who's Who Listing

CLICK HERE for more information


International Veterinary Student Association's Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH)

SCOH is a Standing Committee of the International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) which was founded at the 62nd IVSA Congress in Utrecht, The Netherlands, based on the proposal of Pim Polak (IVSA The Netherlands). SCoH is one of three IVSA Standing Committees, the others being the Animal Welfare Committee and the Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE). The first Chair of SCOH was Theofanis Liatis (IVSA Thessaloniki), who served also as a Member of ExCo 2013/2014 (Veterinary Public Health Director).

The one health concept is directly related to one of IVSA’s objectives, as stated in the Constitution, namely to “Encourage veterinary students to use their knowledge and abilities for the benefit of both animals and humans”. The role of SCOH is twofold: One Health & Veterinary Public Health. This committee aims to promote the importance of One Health and the interdisciplinary collaboration between vets and other public health related scientists as well as awareness of the role of Veterinary Public Health. The role of SCOH is important for IVSA and its members, as it broadens the collaborations of vets, spreads knowledge of veterinary public health, provides opportunities in this sector and promotes activity of the members within local and global projects. Click here for more information.


Student-run One Health Veterinary clinic recognized with science award

8-4-2014  The Knights Landing One Health Clinic has been recognized with a Clinical and Translational Science Award One Health Alliance One Health In-a-Minute Program award. The clinic is held on the third Sunday of each month at the Knights Landing Community Center. Knights Landing One Health Clinic Vet Med funds are grant-based and only for the KL community members with proof of residence. In being selected for this honor, the clinic will have the funds and support to develop a professional video and accompanying manuscript for human medicine journals that will showcase a compelling One Health story illustrating synergy between the veterinary and other scientific communities. Read more


One Health Day - Tufts University

November 14, 2015 marks the 3rd annual Tufts One Health Day, to be held at the Medford campus this year. The theme of the day is “Adaptation.” With our event’s speakers, breakout sessions, and problem-solving exercises, we intend to highlight the diverse roles of veterinarians in health initiatives, encouraging our participants to merge perspectives and continue thinking on an integrated One Health paradigm. Click here for more information



Students for One Health Logo Competition Winner!

Students for One Health are pleased to announce that we have a new logo! 

This logo was created by Emily Andersen of Tufts University (North Grafton, MA, USA) and was the clear favorite of students worldwide. Congrats Emily!


About Emily:  Emily is a third year student at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University where she quickly became passionate about One Health. She has assisted with various One Health projects at the Cummings School, including helping coordinate last year’s One Health Day and most recently assisting with a university-wide problem based learning collaborative.

Particularly passionate about the environment, Emily has also been supported to expand upon various sustainability initiatives on campus. Growing up in Connecticut, she was immensely influenced by her artistic family, particularly her exceptional cartoonist/painter/author grandfather who lived his life in a pursuit of an unnamed “One Health”. She has since been fortunate to be able to explore and learn in various places around the world and hopes to continue to travel professionally. She is honored to contribute her Students for One Health logo as another symbol the role the arts play in the interdisciplinary work of One Health. Emily would like to thank her brother for helping her with the editing of this logo.



SOH Logo Competition! Win $500 for your Design!

Led by Sarina Selleck and Lauren Brierley

9-8-15  The Students for One Health branch of the One Health Commission is looking for a logo and we want you to submit one! Ideally, the logo will somehow incorporate the One Health Commission's logo, but it does not have to. Please submit your logo competition entry by Sept. 30th to in jpg or pdf format. Voting will be held from Oct. 1st to Oct. 10th. Please see the attached flyer for more details. The winner will be selected by majority vote and receive $500 as a prize.


August 30, 2015 - Summary: Students for One Health Fundraising Meeting

Submitted 9-2-15 by Lauren Brierley

On August 30, 2015, Students for One Health (SOH) hosted (with OHC support) an online meeting on how to raise money for One Health projects and activities. Guest speaker David Nyitray from the Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway gave an excellent presentation on successful strategies for fundraising. He emphasized the importance of choosing fundraising events that will give you the greatest fundraising value for your time. The introduction powerpointDavid’s slides, a recording of the presentation and discussion, and several resources mentioned during the meeting can be downloaded.  A Students for One Health logo competition was announced and information was shared about applying for the annual Student American Veterinary Medical Association  (SAVMA) One Health Project Grants. 


Student Representatives for OHC Board Selected

Submitted 7-31-15 by One Health Commission staff

The One Health Commission (OHC) announced on March 30, at the first Students for One Health online meeting, a call for nominations/ applications for six student representatives to serve on its Board of Directors.  Two students from each of at least three of the One Health domains (animal, environmental, human, plant or other) were sought to serve, one as voting Representative and one as non-voting Alternate-in-Training representative. Twenty nine highly qualified students from seven countries stepped forward, eager to lead, six from the human domain, nineteen from the animal domain and four working in the environmental/ecology domain. Students selected to serve from August 2015 – August 2016 are...



Students for One Health Informal Meet and Greet at AVMA Conference

Submitted 7-24-15 by Lauren Brierley

On Saturday, August 1 at 12:30-1:30pm in Valley Hall, room 2030, come join other students interested in One Health to discuss summer research projects, exchange ideas, and discuss future collaborations. If you have any questions please contact Sam Lawton ( Click here to view invitation




Summary of Activities: UC Davis Students for One Health

Submitted 7-8-15 by Samantha Lawton

Read the full report



UC Davis Students for One Health and University of Rwanda Host International One Health Conference for Students

Submitted 6-16-15 by Brittany Szafran

Late at night in California, UC Davis students crowded around a web camera to share a conversation with their colleagues at the University of Rwanda. Students for One Health at UC Davis and the blossoming One Health club at the University of Rwanda organized an internet-based conference to discuss One Health— the concept that human, animal and environmental health are interconnected and that multiple disciplines need to work together to address health problems.

Topics covered at the conference included a discussion of how One Health can help us in the future, how One Health is integrated into the curriculum at both schools, and how student-run projects can make a difference in local and international communities. Read more...


The One World - One Health & Public Health Club at Mississippi State

6-19-15  The One Health club at Mississippi State was formed in 2014 after several students attended the veterinary day hosted by the CDC. 

The purpose of the club was to promote One Health, introduce students to opportunities in One Health, and host meetings on One Health topics that may not be covered in the curriculum or at other club meetings.  

The club has a public Facebook page where anyone may keep updated on club activities and you can click here to read about some accomplishments this past year by the One Health club. 



Sustainability at NC State, Garden, bees boost sustainability at College of Veterinary Medicine

Submitted 6-5-15 by Lauren Brierly

This year a group of students at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) have been busy as bees establishing a habitat for bees and a community garden on campus.

Just after spring semester classes wrapped up, a handful of volunteers put the finishing touches on the new garden located between the Terry Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center and the college’s library.

“The CVM Community Garden is a way to educate and unite the CVM community to promote human, animal and environmental health,” said vet student Lauren Brierley. 

Click here to


Global One Health Challenge Winners Attend Global One Health Conference

Submitted 5-28-15 by Sarah Krones     A team of veterinary and medical students from St George’s University, Grenada, participated in the World Medical Association / World Veterinary Association Global Conference on One Health in Madrid. The trip, funded by World Animal Protection, was the award for winning the first Global One Health Challenge, a competition for veterinary and medical students all over the world to work together and demonstrate the One Health approach by organising rabies prevention events in their communities on the occasion of World Rabies Day 2014. 

Students were presented with certificates by the Global One Health Challenge organisers - the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, the International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) and Global Alliance for Rabies Control. All 28 inspiring entries from 17 countries across the world can be viewed as a slideshow.The Global One Health Challenge strengthened links between the future stakeholders of rabies prevention, and provided an opportunity and incentive for students to prevent rabies in their communities.


Midwestern University – New Student One Health Club

Submitted 5-13-15 by Erika Olney    A Students for One Health organization has been officially established at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. The founding of the club was a joint effort of co-presidents Erika Olney and Jennifer Oberholtzer (both of the class of 2018) and faculty advisor, Dr. Don Noah. The club is established within the College of Veterinary Medicine, but a specific officer role will include branching to other health profession colleges and recruiting students interested in the One Health Initiative. Midwestern University has the benefit of being solely dedicated to several professional health programs and Students for One Health plans to utilize this. Current projects include participation in a Rocky Mountain spotted fever canine serosurvey project led by the Arizona Department of Health Services and development of a toxoplasmosis exposure comparison study between veterinary and medical students within Midwestern University. The executive board hopes to develop several other project and lecture ideas over the summer break and return to the 2015-2016 school year ready to make an impact.


Call for Nominations / Applications Student Representatives on One Health Commission Board of Directors

Announced 3-30-15 at the first Students for One Health online meeting

The One Health Commission is seeking nominations / applications from all disciplines to fill a limited number of student positions as voting members of its Board of Directors. The Commission hopes to select representatives from at least three One Health domains, animal, human and environmental or plant (or other).* 

It is anticipated that the successful nominees will be graduate or professional school level; however, outstanding upper-level undergraduate candidates who have been actively leading One Health activities will be considered for Alternate (representative-elect in training) service upon recommendation by faculty who are active in the One Health community or OHC Board members who know the student well having taught or otherwise mentored them. Students may self-nominate / apply or be nominated by their peers, faculty / deans or by OHC Board members.  For additional information click here


March 30, 2015  First Who's Who in Students for One Health Online Conference


Led by Lauren Brierley and Sarina Selleck.  Supported by the One Health Commission.  One spokesperson presented for each school represented. Recording Available (Click register to start the recording)


January, 2015  Second Cambridge University One Health Conference


The second Cambridge University One Health Conference was held on 17th January 2015 at Peterhouse, Cambridge University. The day conference was attended by over 100 students of medical, veterinary and global health backgrounds, all with a common interest in the One Health initiative.




Texas A & M University - One Health Student Association

Submitted by Dr. Mike Chaddock, College Station, Texas - For the first time, Texas A&M is teaming up students across many disciplines to tackle health care issues around the world.   The One Health initiative at Texas A&M came from the belief that it takes a team to solve society's problems.

A tragic situation helped Ashton Richardson find his calling in life. "I'm from New Orleans and I was relocated during Hurricane Katrina,” Richardson, a first-year Veterinary student, said. ''During that time, being away from friends and having a hectic home life, animals were kind of my refuge. He is not only a first-year veterinary student at Texas A&M, he's the president of the Student One Health Association -- a new initiative on campus, but not a new concept. "It dates all the way back to hypocrites who was the first person to suggest the health of your environment dictates the health of the animals and the people within that environment,” Richardson said.

One health was born from the idea that human health, animal health, and environmental health are all interconnected. ''If we can unravel the mystery in animals, and if we can treat animals, then all of those findings can be transferred to people and quite frankly, vice versa,” Eleanor Green, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, said. And finding solutions to health care issues also requires collaboration across disciplines. ''It has economics, it has policy issues that have to do with regulations, it has to do with the environment in which you live in,” Mike Chaddock, asst. dean, one health & strategic initiatives, said.

A&M hopes to be at the forefront of a one health approach to learning in universities. "We've worked as a team and put together 23 research proposals for One Health,” Chaddock said. Currently plans are in the works to offer a One Health certificate. "It will be twelve credits in One Health, interdisciplinary in One Health,”

After graduation, Ashton has a heart to serve developing nations where people often contract diseases from animals roaming wild. "Well if that person is going to a health care clinic to receive treatment, it only makes sense that you would also treat the animal who could also transmit pathogens to that person,” Richardson said. And said the connection between human and animal health is the both the past and future of health care.

They hope to offer the One Health certificate program by next year.

Students Lead One Health Day at Tufts

Submitted 4-17-14 by Danielle Woolf

Tufts SCAVMA One Health Committee successfully coordinated a "One Health Day” on the veterinary campus, where medical and other health-professional students came together for a fun, interactive learning experience. The event primarily focused on the clinical applications of One Health, including comparative and collaborative medicine, animals as healers and environmental ties to health. This was the first time that students from all four medical schools in Massachusetts were invited to participate in interdisciplinary activities together with the veterinary students.
The program for the day included an opening keynote speech on One Health, tours through the hospitals and facilities, an informational session on animal-assisted activities and de-stress workshop with therapy dogs and a Comparative Clinical Medicine Challenge accompanied by a beer and wine mixer. For the Comparative Clinical Medicine Challenge, student participants were organized into small groups where they had to investigate a health topic using a species-spanning, One Health approach. Each group had a faculty facilitator with expertise in the area of their groups’ topic. Topics included: Lead Toxicity, Health Effects of PCBs, Obesity and Diabetes, Cancer and the Environment, Lyme Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Food-Borne Illness, Domestic Violence, Air Quality and Asthma and Osteoarthritis. See the One Health Diagrams by clicking on this link
Danielle Woolf, Tufts SCAVMA One Health Committee Co-Chair, comments: "I’m very excited that students interested in One Health have started to get connected on a national level! It is so important that we all work together to bring the attention to One Health that is deserves. I’d be more than happy to share my resources with students or anyone else interested in planning a similar event.”

Student One Health Activities at NCSU

Submitted 3-26-14 by Lauren Brierley

The One Health Interest Group at NCSU was just started this fall (although we've had several people/students in NC pushing One Health for a while). We have so many projects that we've started on our campus right now, because people have started contacting us about things they'd been hoping to do for years. I started our wordpress page a few months ago ( List of Activities:
  • Improve campus sustainability- We are working with main campus sustainability office to decrease water and electricity waste, increase recycling, start a compost system...etc.
  • Establish beehive, greenhouse, pollinator garden, and medicinal garden: We've been working with CVM staff, invertebrate medicine club, and a bee researcher on main campus. We wrote a grant to try and get funding, but haven't heard back yet. This system will include rain barrels, educational signs, benches for stress relief, and local food sources for some of our patients.
  • CVM Workout facilities: Our campus doesn't have workout facilities. We've been working with the dean and main campus gym to establish a workout room on the CVM campus.
  • NCSU Open House 2014: We were informed a few weeks ago that the theme for open house this year is one health and we were asked to do something for the theme. This year we are only doing one health alerts with a one health question and then a related fun fact. Next year we have plans to pull in people from medical schools for comparative medicine and a One Health Scavenger hunt (ok we actually have a ton of ideas).
  • Develop a student program with SPANA ( which has recently started to collaborate with people in human medicine NGOs.
  • One Health Carpool to One Health Seminars at the Biotechnology Center: Students and faculty established a One Health Course that course that could be taken by UNC and NCSU students ( During the Spring the NC One Health Collaborative ( hosts an intellectual exchange group every week that students attend for the course (there are 1x per mo. meetings in the Fall unrelated to the course). The talks are open to the public and all schools, but historically the majority of the spring turn out has been students in the class. Getting medical students to come has been a challenge for a while. We established a carpool to help students get there. The carpool hasn't been used extensively, but we've been brainstorming how we could reach more people (including undergrads and medical students). Cheryl has been involved with all of this.
  • Volleyball tournament with Duke and UNC to improve communication with medical students. We are playing on the school rivalries to get vet and med students talking. The volleyball tournament will also be a BBQ/social event. The idea is to get students interested in working together so we can hold the bigger (more educational) events.
  • An undergrad came to ask for our help in a vector-borne disease awareness week she was hosting on main campus. Unfortunately, the event generated very little interest and so the later events of the week ended up being canceled. We've been discussing the possibility with the same undergrad about posting One Health podcasts...and we might try to see if we can get something one health related on NPR's the people's pharmacy (since its based at UNC).
  • This list includes some of our long term project ideas

January, 2014 Getting Together on One Health 

First Cambridge One Health Conference. The 120 student delegates who attended the conference, which was organised by the Cambridge University One Health Society, reflected the multidisciplinary nature of the One Health concept, coming from veterinary, medical, natural science, global health and public health backgrounds. Click here for more information

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