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Initiated in 2016 by the One Health Commission, the One Health Platform, and the One Health Initiative Team, International One Health Day is officially celebrated around the world every year on November 3. The One Health Platform closed its doors in 2021 so One Health Day is now overseen by the One Health Commission and One Health Initiative Autonomous team.

The goal of One Health Day is to build the cultural will necessary for a sea change in how planetary health challenges are assessed and addressed and how professionals exchange information across disciplines. One Health Day brings global attention to the need for One Health collaborations and allows the world to ‘see them in action’.  The One Health Day campaign is designed to engage as many individuals as possible from as many arenas as possible in One Health education and awareness events and to generate an inspiring array of projects worldwide.

The Official One Health Day is celebrated on November 3 each year but events do not have to fall right on that day. They can occur anytime during the calendar year.

[If desired, Student Teams can compete for Cash Awards. See the Student Competition webpage.]


Since 2020 One Health Day celebrations have been especially poignant. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, One Health is being recognized and embraced as needed now more than ever.

See COVID-19 and One Health

During the pandemic, 'in person' One Health Day events were encouraged 'only' if careful COVID-19 prevention protocols were in place.

Yet many possibilities existed for posters, YouTube, social media, radio and TV campaigns and online educational webinars to raise awareness of what One Health is and to educate about many One Health arenas. 


By end of 2023  > 950 events have been registered since global One Health Day was launched in 2016.

(We know there were 'many' more that did not get registered)


Inaugural One Health Day 2016 Launch Press Release        2016 Events Map

One Health Day 2017 Launch Press release        2017 Events Map

One Health Day 2018 Launch Press release        2018 Events Map

One Health Day 2019 Launch Message                2019 Events Map

One Health Day 2020 Launch Message                2020 Events Map

One Health Day 2021 Launch Message               2021 Events Map

One Health Day 2022 Launch Message               2022 Events Map

One Health Day 2023 Launch Message                2023 Events Map



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