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Narratives of One Health In Action

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One Health can provide a safe, 'no judgment zone' for many needed conversations surrounding our most difficult global and environmental health challenges. 

This is a webpage where many items can be shared, from peer reviewed scientific case studies to examples of One Health successes (or missed opportunities) to Op Eds and Opinion Pieces.

Opinions expressed here are not necessarily approved by the One Health Commission but are shared ‘because’ this is a safe, no judgement zone and we need to hear from many perspectives on many of today’s challenges. Thoughtful articles written in a professional tone will be considered for posting. Submit suggested items to

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May 2022

May 26
May 26
Why unprecedented bird flu outbreaks sweeping the world are concerning scientists

By: Britney Miller    In;    Nature

Mass infections in wild birds pose a significant risk to vulnerable species, are hard to contain and increase the opportunity for the virus to spill over into people.

Researchers say that what is needed is a holistic approach that considers how avian influenza spreads through wild birds, poultry and people. Collaboration between public-health researchers and animal-health groups is vital for picking up spillover events into people. “If we control this in poultry, we control this in humans, and it’s likely that we control this in wild birds, as well,”

May 23
May 23
World Economic Forum 2022: Not All Major Issues Adressed
Author: Richard Seifman In: IMPAKTER
"Because global health is much more than an industry matter, and One Health is critically multi-sectoral with implications much beyond the human health sector, it should be given its own space on the WEF agenda."
May 13
May 13
Human medical intervention rescues newborn San Diego Zoo giraffe

Author: Julie Watson   In:  Los Angeles Times

Zoos increasingly are turning to medical professionals who treat people to find solutions for ailing animals. The collaboration has been especially helpful in the field of prosthetics and orthotics.

May 9
May 9
Animals In Space: We Owe Them Now And In Future

Authors: Richard Seifman and Bruce Kaplan     In: IMPAKTER

Prime examples of a One Health approach, animals have tested the way for humans in space; now research moves back to Earth with new lines of inquiry 



February 2022

Feb 18
February 18
Equatorial Guinea to host UN FAO regional conference in April

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will hold its next Africa regional conference in Malabo, hosted by the Government of Equatorial Guinea. The regional conference is FAO’s highest governing body in Africa.

The agenda includes pressing issues in the region such as policy priorities to recover from COVID-19’s impacts on agrifood systems; the prevention of future pandemics through the One Health approach; investing in ecosystem restoration for agrifood systems; promoting investment and trade in agricultural products within Africa in the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA); and ways to ensure women, youth and the poor are included in agrifood systems transformation.

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