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Narratives of One Health In Action

One Health can provide a safe, 'no judgment zone' for many needed conversations surrounding our most difficult global and environmental health challenges. ‘Narratives of One Health in Action’ is a page where many items can be shared, from peer reviewed scientific case studies to examples of One Health successes (or missed opportunities) to Op Eds and Opinion Pieces. Opinions expressed here are not necessarily approved by the One Health Commission but are shared ‘because’ this is a safe, no judgement zone and we need to hear from many perspectives on many of today’s challenges. Thoughtful articles written in a professional tone will be considered for posting. Submit suggested items to

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July 2019

Jul 1
July 1
A new meaning for ‘sick as a dog’? Your pet’s health may tell you something about your own.

"……Recent studies have supported the idea that pets are good for our health. Whether it’s their companionship or their insistence that we get off the couch and move (or both), research shows pets can lower blood pressure, improve our mood and even help us live longer. But I was wondering something different: Does a pet’s health reflect its human’s health status?.........Kate Hodgson, a veterinarian at the University of Toronto’s medical school, has written extensively about integrating the One Health approach into a [human] medical visit. She recommends that primary care physicians routinely ask about family pets and consider collaborating with the family veterinarian, as long as patients give their permission."

Washington Post

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