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Narratives of One Health In Action

Note: COVID-19 and One Health

In January 2020 we began compiling popular media OpEds and Commentaries about the coronavirus outbreak / pandemic      that mention and/or call for One Health by name or theory.

By May 1 the list was becoming so long that it demanded its own COVID-19 and One Health webpage.

Please visit the entire list on that new page.  If you know of additional such articles not yet listed here, please send them to


One Health can provide a safe, 'no judgment zone' for many needed conversations surrounding our most difficult global and environmental health challenges. 

This is a webpage where many items can be shared, from peer reviewed scientific case studies to examples of One Health successes (or missed opportunities) to Op Eds and Opinion Pieces.

Opinions expressed here are not necessarily approved by the One Health Commission but are shared ‘because’ this is a safe, no judgement zone and we need to hear from many perspectives on many of today’s challenges. Thoughtful articles written in a professional tone will be considered for posting. Submit suggested items to

To see peer reviewed scientific articles visit the Commission's online One Health Library Journal Articles/White Papers Section.

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November 2011

Nov 21
November 21
Algal Blooms

"Red tides" affect the ecosystem including plants, animals and people

Nov 21
November 21
West Nile Virus

Human and animal science converges in defeating zoonotic diseases

Nov 21
November 21
Spinach Outbreak

One Health collaboration can help prevent food-borne illness

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