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Narratives of One Health In Action

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One Health can provide a safe, 'no judgment zone' for many needed conversations surrounding our most difficult global and environmental health challenges. 

This is a webpage where many items can be shared, from peer reviewed scientific case studies to examples of One Health successes (or missed opportunities) to Op Eds and Opinion Pieces.

Opinions expressed here are not necessarily approved by the One Health Commission but are shared ‘because’ this is a safe, no judgement zone and we need to hear from many perspectives on many of today’s challenges. Thoughtful articles written in a professional tone will be considered for posting. Submit suggested items to

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January 2021

Jan 27
January 27
One Health Delaware: A Novel Approach to Health Equity Through Cross Professional Collaboration

Author:  Kristin Jankowsky   In:  Delaware Journal of Public Health, January 2021

"With the creation of this pop-up, open-door, One Health clinic in their neighborhood, we offer a unique opportunity to use the human-animal bond for the benefit of the community as a whole. This open platform encourages further development of the emotional and physical wellbeing of both pet and owner by creating a welcoming environment free of judgement or financial barriers. We aspire to give our clients the power to take an active role in their pet’s healthcare with the hope that this translates to empowerment in their own healthcare decisions…. This inclusive healthcare model shows promise to provide access to services in both rural and urban areas for people and pets and could become an impactful way to reach populations that have been previously underserved."

Jan 26
January 26
Case Study: One Health teamwork tackles a troubling, complex health issue (Taenia solium cystocercosis) in rural Kenya.

Prof. Cate Dewey of the University of Guelph, Canada, assembled a team to manage Taenia solium, a parasite transmitted through pigs that was causing epilepsy in people, engaging the community to help find answers. Kenyan PhD student (now Dr. Florence Mutua, University of Nairobi) met with community members – the women who raise the pigs, the elders, and the local veterinarians – to understand what the community considered to be its needs for pig health management education and research.  This story is a strong example of how and why the social sciences are so incredibly important in the One Health approach to very difficult problems.

Jan 23
January 23
One Health and Vector-Borne Diseases - 'Better than yesterday': Battling rheumatologic and neurologic Bartonellosis

Author:  Nicole Vumbaco, DVM  

Personal Journey battling the little known vector-borne pathogen, Bartonella. 

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