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COVID-19 and One Health

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While One Health has over the past 15 years established itself in the life sciences, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences, it remains little known to the public.

Therefore, since January 2020 we have been compiling on this webpage popular media OpEds, Commentaries, Podcasts and other media about the coronavirus pandemic that mention and/or call for One Health by name or theory 'because' popular media is read by the 'public'.  We believe that these carefully selected articles can help the public, especially law and policy makers, understand our urgent need to implement One Health.

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January 2021

Jan 24
January 24
Wildlife Trade, Pandemics and the Law: Fighting This Year’s Virus with Last Year’s Law.

Authors: Wingard J, Belajcic S, Samal M, Rock K, Custodio ML, Heise H, Fiennes A, Machalaba C, Aguirre AA

This report takes a critical look at the national legal context of managing zoonotic diseases, sampling 38 jurisdictions and asking; what have nations already done with their laws that support the monitoring and prevention of disease emergence that comes from wildlife? In particular, it examines how ten different areas of law respond to this need. In addition to the main findings, the authors provide a summary of the legal challenges and the many opportunities for immediate action.

Jan 15
January 15
Virus Mapping, Pandemics Preparedness and One Health: We Need Them All

Author: Seifman R    In:  IMPAKTER

In sum, to successfully predict, prevent and contain pandemics, we need it all: A greater knowledge of unknown viruses that are potentially highly dangerous to humans, including virus mapping; more and sustained research into pandemics, including the development of appropriate tools and innovations to share as we are now doing with COVID-19; and recognition of the importance of the interface between humans, animals, and the environment – in other words, using a One Health approach to virus mapping and pandemics preparedness.

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