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Are you inclined to speak publicly about One Health? 


Is this something you would like to do, or are already doing?


Are you looking for new ways to "get involved' to help further implementation of One Health?



The One Health Commission is inviting One Health leaders from around the world who are willing and able to speak publicly about One Health and One Health topics to become part of an open access, global One Health Speaker Bank.


This initiative is intended to help those seeking One Health speakers for their events (conferences, academic lectures, interviews, student events, invited guest speakers, etc.) to network and more easily identify and reach out to potential speakers. Professionals from all disciplines, backgrounds, locations, levels of training and career stages are welcome to put themselves forward as available One Health Speakers.


Those willing to be listed as potential speakers for various engagements (online and/or in person, you choose) are asked to submit their names, contact information, a brief bio, a resume / CV (upload via the submission form) and to list the One Health subject areas and topics (as broadly or specifically as desired) on which they are willing and able to speak. Speakers may also indicate languages and any other preferences or specifics they might like to include in the listing.


One Health is defined by its encompassing of environmental, ecosystem, animal and human health. To be added to and remain in this Bank, speakers must be willing and able to maintain a One Health framework in their presentations. It is the responsibility of speakers and those seeking their services to ensure that "One Health" is fully and accurately represented in accordance with the globally accepted standards and definitions. Submissions will be screened / authenticated prior to appearing in the online bank of speakers.


We thank all of you in the international One Health network for your commitment, advocacy, enduring enthusiasm and work for One Health, and we look forward to seeing many new connections that arise through this initiative.


View Speakers in the (new and growing) One Health Speaker Bank


To submit yourself as a potential One Health speaker please click HERE.


(Initiative launched September 20, 2023)

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