Mission, Vision, Goals, Outcomes - One Health Commission

Mission, Vision, Goals, Outcomes



To educate and create networks to improve health and well-being outcomes of humans, animals and plants and to promote environmental resilience through a collaborative, global One Health approach.


We envision:

A world in which the interconnectedness of animals, environment, plants and people is deeply, and systemically recognized, valued and acted upon for the benefit of all.



The Commission will achieve its mission through:

Connecting One Health Stakeholders,

Creating Strategic Networks / Partnerships / Team that work toward

                                  Educating about One Health issues to support a paradigm shift in collaborations, information sharing and active health interventions.



The Outcomes of these endeavors will be improved:

Information Sharing / Networking

Interdisciplinary Programs / Teams

Disease Prevention / Interventions

Approaches to Therapy

Public Health

Environmental, Plant and Planetary Health


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