Mission, Vision, Goals, Outcomes - One Health Commission

Mission, Vision, Goals, Outcomes




To educate and create networks to improve health and well-being outcomes of humans, animals and plants and to promote environmental resilience through a collaborative, global One Health approach.


We envision


A world in which the interconnectedness of animals, environment, plants and people is deeply, and systemically recognized, valued and acted upon in all decision making for the health and well-being of all life.


Goals / Aims


The Commission will achieve its mission by:


Connecting One Health Stakeholders


Creating Strategic Networks / Partnerships / Teams that work toward


Educating about One Health and One Health issues to support a paradigm shift in collaborations, information sharing and active health interventions.




The Outcomes of these endeavors will be improved:

Information Sharing / Networking

Interdisciplinary Programs / Teams

Disease Prevention / Interventions

Approaches to Therapy

Public Health

Environmental, Plant and Planetary Health


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