Strategic Plan - One Health Commission

Strategic Plan

One Health Commission Strategic Planning



External Environment Scan conducted

January - May, 2018


Strategic Plan - July 2014


  1. Charter

The Charter of the One Health Commission is to ‘Educate’ and ‘Create’ networks to improve health outcomes and well-being of humans, animals and plants and to promote environmental resilience through a collaborative, Global, One Health approach.

  1. Goals

                 1. Connect  - One Health Stakeholders

                 2. Create - Strategic Networks / Partnerships

                 3. Educate - about One Health issues to support a paradigm shift in information sharing, active health interventions,  collaborations, and demonstration projects

  1. Outcomes

                1.  Increased Interdisciplinary Programs / Teams

                2.  Increased Information Sharing / Networking

                3.  Improved Disease Prevention / Interventions

                4.  Improved Approaches to Therapy

                5.  Improved Public Health

                6.  Improved Environmental and Plant Health

                7.  More focused research on One Health issues


    1. Leadership – We serve with a visionary responsibility for the future instilled with the highest level of trust to develop and implement an integrated strategy for improved health worldwide. 
    2. Excellence – We promote the highest standards of excellence throughout the scope of One Health to ensure the development of a transcending culture of quality and continuous improvement at all levels.
    3. Collaboration – We promote engagement and collaboration with and among like-minded organizations and individuals, as well as diverse, fragmented and competitive entities, to achieve the strength of a united force working for the benefit of all.   
    4. Trust – We strive for absolute scientific integrity through all communications, resources, projects and programs to ensure the credibility of our work along with the importance and value of the One Health approach.
    5. Transparency – We strive for open and interactive communications with and among members, partners, staff, and other stakeholders to create the highest level of ethics throughout our work.
    6. Adaptability – We strive to be flexible, innovative and responsive to maintain consistently positive and constructive approaches to the issues, and to meet the changing needs of our global society. 
    7. Stewardship – We maintain responsible management practices to uphold the highest standards of accountability regarding our work and the use our funds.


  1. Strategies

Establish a lean organizational structure with minimum essential paid staff that utilizes contracted services for flexibility and leverages contributions of volunteers and contributions of institutional services wherever possible to advance the work of the One Health Commission. 

  1. Establish a One Health Commission sponsorship model with a tiered contribution structure, including sponsor categories for institutions, industry and individuals, in order to provide the foundational funding for the work of the Commission; and to be supplemented with activity fees, sponsorships, grants and other funding that may be available and appropriate for specific programs and activities. 
  2. Explore and evaluate multiple means for communication and develop those that are most effective for creating awareness, developing support, advocating most effectively and establishing the OHC as a leading center for One Health information and communications.
  1. Key Objectives
  1. Increase the number of speaking opportunities at major conferences and symposia annually.
  2. Expand and build traffic to the OHC website with links to related information and organizations. 
  3. Create a One Health Commission email newsletter that provides abstracts and links to news concerning One Health and the Commission.
  4. Develop an annual One Health Symposium.
  5.  Develop Op Eds, press releases and evaluate their effectiveness to advance One Health.
  6. Evaluate the use of on-line webinars (providing CE credits) for professionals regarding One Health  
  7.  Proactively seek to collaborate with like-minded organizations, through alliances and joint projects, programs and activities. 
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