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The One Health Commission is a globally focused organization dedicated to implementing One Health and

One Health actions around the world.

As a  501(c)(3) organization, chartered in Washington, D.C. in 2009, it seeks to raise awareness and to educate all audiences about the importance of transcending institutional and disciplinary boundaries to transform the way that human, animal, plant, and ecosystem health professionals work together for the health of all living things and the planet.

The Commission's Aims are to ‘Connect’ One Health Advocates and Stakeholders,  to ‘Create’ networks and teams that work together across disciplines to ‘Educate’ about One Health and One Health issues. 

  • 'Connect' those working for One Health around the world to facilitate needed synergistic relationships and collaborations at all levels of academia, government, policy and research. See organizational  'Who's Who in One Health'.
  • 'Create' opportunities for human, animal, plant and ecosystem health-related disciplines and institutions to work together in transformative collaborations .
  • 'Educate' the public about the importance of and urgent need for the One Health approach. This includes established professionals and students from all disciplines (from Anthropology to Architectural Design to Biology/Chemistry to Food Scientists to Medicine to Psychology to Sociology to Zoology, etc), agricultural and food production sectors, health care providers from human and animal domains, policy and law makers, 'everyone'.  


The One Health Commission is a coordinating body, a gateway of exchange of information,  bringing together the human, animal and environmental sciences in value-added information sharing that improves the well-being of animals, sustainability of the environment and the lives of people and the global society.


Donor / Sponsor opportunities are available for non-profit organizations (Institutions), corporations, and individuals who would like to help further the One Health paradigm shift. 


EIN: 27-0799294


The Commission is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park region of central North Carolina, USA

Mailing Address:

One Health Commission

P.O. Box 972

Apex, NC 27502

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One Health Commission

920  US 64 Hwy #1016

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Contact us:   ohc@onehealthcommission.org



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