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Past Bossart Memorial Scholarship Winners

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Dr. Gregory D. Bossart Memorial
One Health Scholarship
Past Bossart Fellows
Funded by Georgia Aquarium,
Administered by the One Health Commission

Second Bossart Fellow - 2022



December 15, 2022 Award Announcement

Miranda Dziobak  
for her One Health Project titled 

Sentinel Indicators of Marine Microplastic and Phthalate Exposure

Miranda is a PhD Student at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, USA



See Miranda's Video about her project.





First Bossart Fellow - 2021



November 30, 2021  Award Announcement


The inaugural $5,000 USD Bossart Scholarship Award went to:


 Taylor Weary  

for her One Health Project titled 


‘Healthy Children, Healthy Chimps: Reducing respiratory disease transmission from humans to chimpanzees in Uganda’


When she became the inaugural Bossart Scholar, Taylor was a DVM/PhD Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. She finished her PhD in 2023 and will complete her DVM in 2025.


December 14, 2021  UW-M SVM News Posting about Taylor Winning the Scholarship

May 2022 Gathering Data, Building a Community by Taylor Weary - How this scholarship expanded her research project

April 17, 2024  Healthy Children - Healthy Chimps - Final Scholarship Report

June 11, 2024   Taylor's Narrative of One Health in Action

Combatting entrenched norms of “socialization for scarcity” and “parachute science” in global health and primatology: One Health is a moral framework, too


Scientific Publications from this research:

Weary TE, Tusiime P, Tuhaise S, Reyes JFM, Ross E, Gern JE, Goldberg TL, Respiratory Disease Patterns in Rural Western Uganda, 2019-2022, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Vol 12, April 8, 2024,

Weary TE, Pappas T, Tusiime P, Tuhaise S, Ross E, Gern JE, Goldberg TL, High Frequencies of Nonviral Colds and Respiratory Bacteria Colonization Among Children in Rural Western Uganda, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Vol 12, May 2, 2024,

Weary, T.E., Pappas, T., Tusiime, P. et al. Common Cold Viruses Circulating in Children Threaten Wild Chimpanzees through Asymptomatic Adult Carriers. Sci Rep 14, 10431 (May 7, 2024).


Popular Media Articles about this research:

Nuwer R, Nature, Chimpanzees are dying from our colds – these scientists are trying to save them, Vol 625, 442-446, January 2024, doi:

Nuwer R, The Guardian, Chimps are dying of the common cold. Is great ape tourism to blame?, January 16, 2024, Republished May 2, 2024,




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