Symposium at RITA XXVII, 2016, Belém, Brazil - One Health Commission

Symposium at RITA XXVII, 2016, Belém, Brazil


Paradigms in Human and Animal Rabies Prevention and Control


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Overview: Welcome to the One Health webinar on rabies prevention and control. Rabies is a unique zoonosis, not only because of the high case fatality but also as the only routine diagnostic test performed on a suspect animal that directly determines human medical intervention. We organized this program focusing on the historical difficulties and new possibilities for the prevention, control and treatment for rabies because of the huge global burden of this infectious disease. The target audience is intended for veterinarians, physicians, nurses, wildlife workers, animal control officers, researchers, virologists and others interested in disease emergence and modern solutions for pathogen remediation. The webinar was been developed in an interactive manner, allowing for provocative discussions and immediate questions and answers to the speakers during their presentation, allowing for the participants to improve their specific knowledge on rabies prevention and control and to initiate a dialogue based upon their personal collective experiences. Thank you for your kind consideration in attending and we wish you an excellent learning opportunity as our extended contribution for World Rabies Day. Website support for this webinar is provided by the One Health Commission. 

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the symposium, participants will be able to:

  1. Comprehend How a Common One Health Approach is Fundamental to Domestic Animal, Wildlife & Human Rabies Surveillance, Prevention & Control

  2. Describe the Progress & Setbacks in the Regional Rabies Program in the Americas

  3. Compare Common Approaches to Mass Canine Rabies Vaccination in the New & Old Worlds

  4. Gain Insights How Modern Diagnostics Should be Used in Rabies Surveillance, Risk Assessment and Program Evaluation

  5. Discuss the Benefits of Oral Vaccination in Canine Rabies Prevention

  6. Assess the Role of Rabies Serology in Animal Health Management

  7. Appreciate the Novelty of Expanded Pre-exposure Rabies Vaccination for Human Populations at Risk of Exposure to Vampire Bats

  8. Understand Challenges and Opprotunities in Human Prophylaxis in South America, Using Brazil as an Example

  9. Learn of New Anti-viral Products That May be of Utility in Future Rabies Treatment

  10. Become Aware of Current Standards of Care in Approaches to Human Rabies Therapy

Who Should Attend: Veterinarians, Physicians, Nurses, Wildlife Workers, Animal Control Officers, Researchers, Virologists and others interested in disease emergence and modern solutions for pathogen remediation

Continuing Education: 

When: Friday, October 28, 2016 at 9am - 4pm

Where: Hotel Grand Mercure-Belém do ParáAv. Nazaré, 375 - Nazaré, Belém - PA, 66035-115, +55 (91) 3202-2000

Cost: None. This Symposium and Webinar is FREE of charge.

Webinar: The Symposium was broadcast via webinar.  


Time Topic Presenter

Session I Introduction

Paradigms in Animal Rabies Prevention & Control


Charles E. Rupprecht



The Roadmap for Canine Rabies Elimination in Latin America

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Image result for marco vigilatoMarco Vigilato

Examples of Successful Rapid Dog Vaccination Programs

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Frederich Lohr

Relevant Diagnostics for Canine Rabies Elimination

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Richard Franka


Coffee Break



Utility of Oral Canine Vaccination in Prevention Programs Abstract

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Ad Vos

Role of Serology in Animal Health Assessment

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Susan Moore

Just Vaccinate All the Dogs...It Ain't That Easy


Ryan Wallace

Roundtable Q&A


Lunch Break


Session II Introduction

Paradigms in Human Rabies Prevention & Control 

Charles E. Rupprecht



Use of Pre-exposure Vaccination in Peru

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Sergio Recuenco

Issues in Brazil

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Ricardo Siqueira Cunha

New Antivirals and Approaches for Intervention

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Noel Tordo

Coffee Break


Treatment Update

Abstract          PDF of Presentation

Rodney Willoughby


Roundtable Q&A



Technical Requirements to Attend Live Webinar:

To participate in the Webinar, you will need the following:

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Internet connection (Broadband is best)
  • Microphone and speakers (built-in or USB headset)

A USB-powered headset will provide optimal audio transmission for speakers delivering their presentations and attendees wishing to ask questions of presenters. (Alternatively, questions can be submitted to presenters via the "chat" option)

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