Twelve Manhattan Principles Formulated

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Twelve Manhattan Principles Formulated

Rockefeller University, New York, New York USA

"In September 2004 a group of strategic thinkers met in New York City and formulated 12 Manhattan Principles that called for the international community to adopt a holistic approach to combat 'threats to the health of life on earth' under the banner 'One World, One Health' " Carol Rubin

Health experts from around the world met for a symposium focused on the current and potential movements of diseases among human, domestic animal, and wildlife populations organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society and hosted by The Rockefeller University. Representatives from the World Health Organization; the UN Food and Agriculture Organization; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the United States Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center; the United States Department of Agriculture; the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre; the Laboratoire Nationale de Sante Publique of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo; the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law; and the Wildlife Conservation Society were among the many participants

Click HERE for the full, original Manhattan Principles, including the preamble and conclusion section.

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