One Health Global Network web portal is now open to all

One Health Global Network web portal is now open to all


Not just another One Health website…

The One Health Global Network (OHGN) and its webportal are being set up by a group of professionals involved in the rapid development of the One Health movement. Visit the site at

 This is a webportal which intends to:
- unify via a single user-driven entry point;
- bring together the wealth of information scattered across multiple websites;
- facilitate access to OH initiatives, promote & interconnect them;
- promote balanced involvement of all regions of the world;
- encourage interaction & discussion.
It does not seek ownership or to replace any existing initiative - but on the contrary proposes to all One Health stakeholders that they join the collaborative.

Currently, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia are represented in the working group, which remains open to new members. Contributions to this webportal are very welcome.


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