Economic benefits of One Health approach confirmed in World Bank report

Economic benefits of One Health approach confirmed in World Bank report


“People, Pathogens and Our Planet” study states that the case for control of Zoonotic diseases is compelling.

The report “People, Pathogens and Our Planet”, prepared by the staff of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/ The World Bank, concludes that early control of zoonotic disease is both cost-effective and prevents human disease.

 According to the report, because surveillance, diagnosis, and control of zoonotic disease take place at the interface between animals and humans, systematic communication and substantial coordination between human, wildlife, and veterinary health services is an important practical necessity. One Health is an approach to ensure that this critically important interdisciplinary collaboration occurs.

 Some economic highlights from the report: “the economic losses from six major outbreaks of highly fatal zoonoses between 1997 and 2009 amounted to at least US$80 billion”; “if these outbreaks had been prevented, the benefits of the avoided losses would have averaged $6.7 billion per year”


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