Dirty Yamuna water harbours drug-resistant bacteria

Dirty Yamuna water harbours drug-resistant bacteria


Excerpt: "The Yamuna river is harbouring a high number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which can have serious ecological and public health implications, a recent study published in the latest issue of International Journal of Bio Assays has revealed. 

Strengthening the global concern that the development of resistance for antibiotics in bacteria will make the use of these antibiotics ineffective in humans, the study has reported that all the isolated E. coli strains in the Yamuna were found to be resistant to most of the tested antibiotics. 

This may be explained by high and uncontrolled use of these antibiotics in humans and animals apart from pollution from pharmaceutical companies as well as heavy metals or biocides."

Original article: 

Bhardwaj R, Gupta A, Garg JK: Prevalence of multidrug resistance in Escherichia coli strains isolated from river Yamuna, Delhi stretch.
International J Bioassays, 2015; 4(11): 4492-8; available at <http://www.ijbio.com/index.php/ijb/article/view/828/pdf>

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